Innovative blend of power electronics, internet technology, edge computing, and artificial intelligence delivers perfect energy transfer in 208/240V electrical networks

Powerful edge computing innovation provides electrical and energy efficiency together for the ultimate in stability and protection for your facility's electrical network

Take Charge of Your Electricity

VectorQ2 Power Controllers are easily installed into panels within 208/240V electrical networks to protect the loads by cleaning, balancing, and precisely distributing the electricity for maximum energy efficiency and improved load performance.


Eliminating wasted electricity reduces heat in your network and loads, improves the stability of the overall electrical network and increases the productivity of each load.

Technology Inside VectorQ2

Installs like an appliance with some sensors. Parallel installation and an internet connection completes the installation within an hour without disrupting power.


Energy efficiency and electrical efficiency together for the entire panel and all of the loads at all times ensures perfect energy transfer and dynamic protection.


Upon Activation, clients will pay less for power each month, experience fewer power disturbances, reduce peak usage and eliminate many utility penalties.


Power service is never interrupted even during installation and no further interaction will be required. Data functionality and predictive analytics are cloud based.


The VectorQ2 continuously processes data and streams high quality data on the electrical network including energy consumption and performance data on every load in the network.


All of the loads in electrical networks protected by the VectorQ2 consume less energy, operate at a cooler temperature and perform work longer and produce actionable data for the duration of their lives.


Nominal Voltages Automatic Detection and Configuration
120V - 240V, 1,2 or 3 phase with or without N/G
Load Power Factor No leading or lagging load power factor restrictions
Correction Amount Full +/- 90 deg of Correction
Power Rating Unlimited in all Phases
Maximum % THD No restrictions
THD Correction Better than 5%
Load Balancing Balanced to 95%
Surge & Lightning Protection Continuous with no degradation over time
VectorQ2 Implementation

VectorQ2 is the hardware portion of our Software Defined Electricity Solution. Each electrical network is different and may require more than one power controller. Please contact us for more information and to schedule an electrical network analysis for exact numbers

VectorQ2 Implementation