Software-Defined Electricity

is Clean Electricity

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Improves power network stability
  • Enhances asset performance
  • Eliminates utility penalties

Fast Easy Installation. Done.

Non-Invasive Installation,
Maintenance Free Operation

The VectorQ Series power controller is quickly and non-invasively installed into power networks. A parallel installation completed in 20 minutes without disrupting power or requiring any maintenance.

Instantly Clean Electricity
and Secure Power Network

The VectorQ Series controls and balances the power flow in power networks ensuring optimum energy efficiency and asset performance for all protected loads. The VectorQ Series guarantees a completely secure, autonomous power network with access to a new world of non-intrusive load monitoring and predictive analytics.

What are the Benefits of Clean Electricity?

With a VectorQ Series power controller installed, every load in that panel will:

Consume Less Energy

  • 10-15% kWh reduction for electronics, computers, lighting, power supplies, etc.
. . .
  • 20-25% kWh reduction for compressors, pumps, fans and other similar induction motor based loads

Operate at Cooler Temperatures

  • Power supplies, wires, motors, pumps, panels, etc. will drop in temperature greater than 20 degrees

Fail Less Frequently

  • Eliminating power fluctuation in the network ensures the smoothest supply of power to the loads, allowing them to operate as designed, stress free

Function Consistently

  • Motors operate at tag values with optimum efficiency
. . .
  • Data transfer with minimal errors or re-transmission
. . .
  • In series generators operate seamlessly

Sustainable Real-Time Surge Protection


The VectorQ Series provides sustainable real-time surge and transient protection for power networks up to and including solar flare and EMP protection within threshold limits. It also prevents any customer side surge or transient from affecting the upstream grid infrastructure.

Minimizes Utility Penalty Basis


With full integration of the VectorQ Series solution, all power within the network will be fully balanced at the highest achievable power quality, under full control at all times. This power network environment minimizes the basis for which utility penalties can be calculated. 

Clean Electricity Pays for Itself Within 2 Years

Direct Energy Savings

There is an instant reduction in the energy consumed by every load in a panel powered with clean electricity

Indirect Energy Savings

Supplying every load with ideal power conditions makes them operate as designed, uninterrupted in their work performance and increases the work output and efficiency

Monitor Every Load

With full visibility into the power network, it is easy to determine which loads are consuming excessive energy and receive instant verification on solutions

Minimizes Demand Charges

The VectorQ Series immediately reduces and distributes power consumption across all phases for the lowest possible demand charges without incorporating energy storage

Minimizes Utility Penalty Basis

Clean electricity is perfectly balanced and synchronized at all times and not subject to power quality related utility penalties in any market

Track Asset Performance

The ability to track individual asset performance and accurately predict failure by reading the electricity will ensure that asset owners maximize the life of their assets

New Source of Power Without Environmental Harm

Our Grid is Old and Inefficient


The United States electrical grid is old and in dire need of modernization. The chart to the left incorrectly categorizes losses in the grid as unrecoverable “Rejected Energy” which indicates a status quo acceptance of the fact that the U.S. grid consumes roughly 2 Watts of power to deliver 1 Watt to homes and businesses. This is an unacceptable amount of waste for any system and must be directly and transparently addressed for widespread grid decarbonization to become a reality.   

Digitally Controlling Electricity Maximizes Power Availability


The VectorQ Series is a distributed power electronics solution that locally corrects all of the root causes of power fluctuation and waste in electrical energy transfer in real-time through an innovative use of real-time computing. It is applicable in generation all the way through consumption and will initiate a transition from a grid that generates “Rejected Energy,” to one that efficiently generates and consumes nearly 100% of the electricity produced. 

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