Software-Defined Electricity

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Improves power network stability
  • Enhances asset performance
  • Improves asset health

Software-Defined Electricity (SDE) is an intelligent power controller solution that corrects for load impedance and power quality imperfections in real time. A new approach to power correction using AI and real time (microsecond) response, SDE substantially improves the efficiency and reliability of power..

Consume Less Energy

  • 10-15% kWh reduction for electronics, computers, lighting, power supplies, etc.
. . .
  • 20-25% kWh reduction for compressors, pumps, fans and other similar induction motor based loads

Operate at Cooler Temperatures

  • Power supplies, wires, motors, pumps, panels, etc. will drop in temperature greater than 20 degrees

Fail Less Frequently

  • Eliminating power fluctuation in the network ensures the smoothest supply of power to the loads, allowing them to operate as designed, stress free

Function Consistently

  • Motors operate at tag values with optimum efficiency
. . .
  • Data transfer with minimal errors or re-transmission
. . .
  • In series generators operate seamlessly