Who is 3DFS?

The 3DFS engineering group has invented a real-time, parallel computing method that is highly scalable, delivering a step function improvement in efficiency and processing power over the modern methods of fast computing. 


We have applied this method to the physics of sensing, with specific attention to electricity sensing because it provides exact, real-time feedback into events occurring in the power, chemical and biological worlds. 


Intelligent sensing opens up new capabilities with real-time visibility and interaction that allows control systems to accurately predict and precisely act using scientific analysis and modeling all in real-time.


Our control systems elegantly deliver advanced, frequently transformative functionality in the daily operation of machines, universally resulting in more consistent and efficient performance with a higher and more predictable quality of work, all in a minimal energy footprint.


We are technology pioneers and we are entrepreneurs. Our vision for the future blends science and technology together with sustainability, delivering a new category of real-time products that leverage the fundamentals of science and efficiency to radically improve machine performance while drastically reducing operational expenses. We believe this to be the model that will deliver technology that our future demands from us today.


3DFS is an employee owned company headquartered in Pittsboro, NC and guided by the principle to leave the world in a better place than we found it. We are proud to manufacture all of our products at our facilities in the United States

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Historical Parallels of Software-Defined Electricity

In the 1970s, the technology became widely available to shrink inefficient room sized computers to desktop personal computers, opening up a lot of markets that did not exist until that time. This general improvement in computing technology laid the groundwork for the reliance on computers that we have today.


Power electronics systems of today are made up of multiple, very large devices, often taking up entire rooms operating at very low efficiencies and controlled using the basics of electromechanics. There has until now, never been any intelligence embedded into the power networks operating directly with the electricity to gather the data necessary to understand and control it better. 


Software-Defined Electricity is a very powerful technology leverages Task Oriented Optimal Computing for better data and analytics to measure and control electricity in Real-Time. This advancement in computing has opened a tectonic shift in the power electronics industry and in the years to come all power electronics will integrate Software-Defined Electricity for better visibility, safety and control.


This technology is the catalyst for transformational advancement in electrification.

Brief History of Electricity Measurement: From Analog to Digital

An analog industry was born


Electrical meters go mainstream leveraging the RMS methodology to measure the amount of electricity sold to our homes and businesses


Business was good


The electrical grid expanded throughout the United States. Its main purpose to was to power relatively static motors and incandescent lights

1890 - 1950s

Electricity use changed


With the invention and widespread use of computers and sensitive electronics, the load profile began to shift


Electricity generation changed


The improvement in renewable energy technologies spawned new markets that produce electricity in new ways, shifting the generation profile.


Old way not working, business continued


50 years of maintaining the status quo while electricity generation and consumption evolved resulted in a gigantic void in available data and corresponding solutions. The analog way of measuring electricity is no longer sufficient if the goal is optimum efficiency and stability of electricity supply systems.

1970s - 2016

A digital industry was born


3DFS brings to market a new product for and real time digital measurement and correction of electricity, or Software-Defined Electricity ensuring electricity can always be supplied with optimum efficiency.