Data Acquisition & Analysis


CurrentSee Series

  Energy Monitoring Sensors

Energy expenses are one of the top recurring costs for residential, commercial and industrial consumers and now there are products that provide accuracy in monitoring. Digital Multiparametric Electrical Signature Analysis disaggregates and tracks device energy consumption from the main electrical panel for full facility non-intrusive load monitoring.

Simple Installation, Full Facility Monitoring
Non-intrusive load monitoring for all loads

Installed in less than half an hour and provides 24/7 monitoring and predictive analytics from a centralized user interface.

Products are Adaptable to Any Network Voltage
110V up to 26kV

Products are now available for 110V, 208/240V and 480V. We can accommodate projects up to 26kV as custom solutions.

Technical Specifications of CurrentSee Series

Logging values V, A, W, Wh, Hz, VA, VAR, THD

Current Sensing Range 2-100A on a single channel

Power Sensing Range: Any voltage/current combination

True Measurement Electrical Energy Flow
Multiparametric measurement of electricity reveals everything about consumption

New layer of energy data and analytics are available with basic packages up to advanced analytics and forecasting.

CalibriEE Series

  Instruments for real-time and high fidelity analysis of electricity

The CalibriEE is designed for high fidelity data analysis of electricity its loads, generators and general electrical network investigation. This research grade instrument allows for precision measurement at up to 5 khz for low to high voltages (up to 15Kv) and real time analysis all in a convenient touch screen tablet sized device .

  • Optically Isolated Inputs:
  • 4x Voltage
  • 4x Current
  • 5 Khz oversampling measurement
  • up to 15 KV input
  • touch screen LCD
  • High Voltage expansion options


CalibriEX Series

  High Speed Data Acquisition Instruments

CalibriEX Data Acquisition PCI Express cards offer exceptional speeds and processing capabilities unmatched in the industry.


Speed: With blazing speeds of up to 4GS/s at a 16 bit resolution.


Post Processing: Outstanding computation with 2 channels at 24 bit DAC each.  Based around the ARRIA FPGA with up to 8GB DDR4 DRAM, FLASH and an eight lane 24 Gbit/s PCI Express (PCIe) link to the host.


The cards are XMC FPGA modules and can be fitted on a range of adapters to be used in desktop PC’s, compact PCI racks, VPX or external standalone boxes. Making the CalibriEX a serious research tool with its dynamic programming capabilities.

Analog In (AI)

2 AI simultaneous at 2 GS/s/ch 16 bit,

– – – or

4 AI simultaneous at 1 GS/s/ch 16 bit,

– – – or

1 AI at 4GS/s 16 bit;

Analog Out (AO)

10 AO simultaneous at 1.2 GS/s/ch 16 bit,

– – – or

2 AO simultaneous at 1.2 GS/s/ch 18 bit, and

2 AO simultaneous at 2 GS/s/ch 16 bit;


The CalibriEX is user programmable with application areas in:

  • Real time signal processing
  • Avalanche photodiodes R&D
  • Optical / laser processes
  • Gamma ray sensors
  • Radar synthesis and analysis

Data Acquisition & Analysis Series of Products

CurrentSee – Residential Clip

CurrentSee – Energy Data For Business

CalibriEX – 4GS/s 16 bit PCIe DAQ

CalibriEX-OEM – 4GS/s 16 bit standalone DAQ