Electrical Network Resiliency and Stability


VectorQ series

  Software-Defined Electricity Controllers

The VectorQ series of power controllers revolutionizes power management with its incorporation of Software-Defined Electricity (SDE). By leveraging SDE, these controllers enable simultaneous correction of power quality issues, guaranteeing consistent and optimized power delivery to the entire electrical panel and downstream equipment in real time.


This remarkable capability is made possible by digital solid-state technology, which boasts an unparalleled round trip efficiency of over 96%. Additionally, the controllers are able to dynamically correct power in less than one microsecond, ensuring rapid response and reliable performance for the entire electrical system.

Easy Installation, Automated Network Stability
VectorQ series provides facility electrical stability

All VectorQ products are installed into electrical networks in parallel and operate continuously without servicing.

  • Dynamic impedance matching for loads and power sources
  • Equally balanced current draw on each phase regardless of dynamic load consumption & phase imbalance
  • Maintain near unity power factor regardless of the dynamic reactive power conditions
  • Correct voltage, current harmonics, and interharmonics up to the 23rd order on each phase
  • Mitigate higher order harmonics, including supraharmonics
  • Reduce neutral current to near zero
  • Non-degrading surge & lightning protection with an unlimited surge event capacity throughout the device life. 


Download the VectorQ2-5 Data Sheet 

VectorQ series availability

In Production


  • VectorQ2 – 208 VAC
  • VectorQ5 – 480 VAC

Market Engagement


  • VectorQ1 – Split/Single phase 240 VAC
  • VectorQ12 – 1.2 kVAC
  • VectorQ ST – Transformerless Transformer