Software-Defined Electricity Consulting

No Matter the Project, Electrical Networks Need Software-Defined Electricity

If you experience any of the following tell tale signs of uncontrolled electricity in renewables, microgrids, DERs, energy storage, distribution, etc., you are a candidate for Software-Defined Electricity:

  • Any power factor less that unity at every measurement
  • Any reactive power related problems
  • Any ground current related problems
  • Electrical noise impacting sensors, radar and other sensitive electronics
  • Heat in batteries during charging or discharging
  • Heat loss in the wires, power supplies, transformers, power electronics, loads, panels, batteries, generators, etc.

  • Any harmonics less than 5% at every measurement
  • Any phase imbalance related problems
  • Any voltage transient, surge or sag problems
  • Change in the heat profile after a power source transition (i.e. loads get hotter, more noise in system, etc.)
  • Heat in inverters/converters during conversion
  • Generators, transformers, energy storage are oversized to absorb losses

All of these problems are SOLVED with 3DFS Technology.

Incorporating Software-Defined Electricity


Engineering consultants will review and determine how Software-Defined Electricity will prevent the electrical losses in your project. The review consists of multiple email communications prior to a telephone conference call (typically an hour) with a senior engineer.


We will supply a Quote for Implementation to you based upon the information discussed on the conference call.

Please keep in mind that it may take us some time but we will respond to everybody’s request. 


There are many custom projects that can leverage Software-Defined Electricity and require more involvement than an hour long conference call. For these projects, we will generate a Quote for Proposal which will contain the project outline, timeline and costs of delivering a full project proposal.


We work in conjunction with your organization to ensure alignment in the product development to your business interests.

3DFS Technology is patented and contains trade secrets. Different levels of data and analytics are fee for service. No intellectual property whatsoever is transferred at any stage in this process.


Software-Defined Electricity will improve your electrical network stability and efficiency.  Please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.

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