Simultaneous 4 Giga Samples Per second

16 bit PCIe Data Acquisition


Analog In (AI)

  • 2 AI simultaneous at 2 GS/s/ch 16 bit,
  • or 4 AI simultaneous at 1 GS/s/ch 16 bit,
  • or 1 AI at 4GS/s 16 bit;

Analog Out (AO)

  • 10 AO simultaneous at 1.2 GS/s/ch 16 bit,
  • or 2 AO simultaneous at 1.2 GS/s/ch 18 bit, and
    2 AO simultaneous at 2 GS/s/ch 16 bit;

Data Input Output (DIO)

  • 32 DIO 5MHz;
  • LCD screen;
CalibriEX Data Acquisition PCI Express cards are based around the ARRIA FPGA with up to 8GB DDR4 DRAM, FLASH and an eight lane 24 Gbit/s PCI Express (PCIe) link to the host. The range includes boards with Analog to Digital Converters and Digital to Analog Converters. All boards have a PLL to generate a sample clock. The boards are XMC FPGA modules and can be fitted on a range of adapters to be used in desktop PC’s, compact PCI racks, VPX or external standalone boxes. Making the Calibri a serious research and production tool with its dynamic programming capabilities.


Conversion of data from analog to digital,  data storage in digital format, various and virtually unlimited math capabilities in real-time with wide bandwidth, along with digital to analog data playback.


Calibri EX also can be used as an intellectual communications flexible buffer where the complexity of dynamic streaming is unlimited. Calibri EX can perform various, but is not limited to real-time dynamic digital signal processing, such as correlation, search, filtering, alteration and noise reduction.  


Options for Calibri EX include fast 32 digital IO and flexible support for an LCD touch screen. As an Option, Calibri EX-OEM series would work as a standalone DAQ, while powered from a single 12V source.