Electrical Correction

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Electrical Correction

Perfect bidirectional electricity flow in multiphase systems is defined as continuous unity power factor, no harmonics, ideal reactive power, zero neutral current and equally balanced phases, but this is a rapidly moving target.


When examining any facility’s consumption at the microsecond level, what is occurring at the circuit board level in each load matters. Collectively, there could be many different capacitors that need to be charged at the same time that many other inductors need to be charged. When these components do not receive the precise power that they demand, they suffer and negatively impact the work performance of the device.


The 3DFS Flash Energy Storage System is contained within a Software-Defined Power Controller and stores power temporarily (only for a few microseconds) and provides the instant, supplemental energy that these circuit components require in order to perform optimally.


As a parallel device, it charges the Flash Energy Storage System from the grid preventing it from being a single point of failure. It contains a capacitive part and an inductive part and is directly controlled by the real time computing system, based on electricity informatics. The system constantly supplies the power network’s real time capacitance and inductance needs with microamp charges and discharges at the microsecond level. The result is digitally synchronized electricity in real time or in other words, automatic impedance matching for the entire panel, regardless of the load factor or upstream fluctuation.


This “real time noise cancellation for electricity” is the truest form of electricity resiliency, able to maintain digital synchronization with 98%+ efficiency.


Electricity resiliency is important because fluctuation means waste, damage and dollars.


The highest quality electricity flows bidirectionally seamlessly without any fluctuation or distortion and that is only possible with real time electrical correction from 3DFS. It maintains electricity at its highest efficiency, whether during generation, transmission, distribution, conversion, storage or consumption.