Battery Management

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Battery Management System

Real time computing and digital control of electricity are extraordinarily powerful tools for battery management. Because electricity is both the catalyst and byproduct of the battery chemistry reaction, maintaining digital control of it allows the 3DFS BMS to control the chemistry with digital precision.


The real time computing system analyzes the charging and discharging of the battery at the nanosecond level and builds a real time chemistry model for live working knowledge of exactly what the battery is doing.


This model maps the chemistry inside the battery so closely that chemical reactions can be identified, tracked, predicted and stopped within a microsecond when needed.


This approach to real time battery chemistry analysis allows the system to precisely know the unique maximum and minimum chemical parameters of each battery are, which is the true measurement of battery capacity.


The 3DFS BMS will increase the battery output and quality with deeper charges, higher rates and more cycles for any battery chemistry with optimum stability.