Technological Innovation

Electrical power flow today is uncontrolled and unbalanced. 3DFS Technology is embedded intelligence into the power network delivering continuously balanced, controlled power flow.


Electricity literally moves lightning fast and has always been measured indirectly with averages and integrals. 3DFS has invented technology that directly measures electricity through an innovation in computing and an advancement in sensing, and corrects and balances the power flow through an innovation in power electronics all in Real-Time as the power flows.


Software-Defined Electricity corrects for harmonics and reactive power, while always balancing the phases as the power flows in Real-Time for digitally perfect power flow at all times no matter the upstream fluctuation or downstream consumption.


The technological capability of digitally controlling power as it flows will have a transformative effect on the development of future grid technologies by digitally enhancing all of the AC Power needs, such as electricity generation, voltage transformation, AC/DC conversion distribution and consumption at a guaranteed 98%+ efficiency.


Learn more about Software-Defined Electricity and the important metric of Power Quality Rating.



All in One System   ♦   Power Quality Rating
All In One System
Power Quality Rating


Software-Defined Electricity increases power network stability, making them safer and more manageable with less downtime. Read more about some of the network stability improvements when Software-Defined Electricity is installed.