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Introducing Sister Company SAM Controllers

Software-Defined Electricity is likely the most significant application of Task Oriented Optimal Computing (“TOOC”) that could be created. It provides access to clean electricity, which will eclipse all Renewables in volume of power produced in the U.S. within 20 years. This is a mind blowing realization, however it pales in comparison to the fact that Software-Defined Electricity is only one application of where TOOC and the ability to digitally measure electricity can transform an industry. There are more.


The Flexibility of Task Oriented Optimal Computing in Digital Transformation
Task Oriented Optimal Computing is a processor agnostic method for data processing making it amazingly flexible in its application. The computing power can be scaled up or down to be perfectly fitted to the task which reduces wasted computing power, energy, and dollars, hence the “Optimal” part of the name.


For example, Software-Defined Electricity requires extremely intense and deep Real-Time data processing so high end FPGAs are used for the computing power needed.


With our sister company SAM Controllers, we remove analog control functionality from everyday use machines like air compressors, water well, sewage and irrigation pumps, conveyors and other PLC type systems and embed Task Oriented Optimal Computing, converting them to fully digital, artificial intelligence control.


These applications do not require anywhere near the amount of data processing power, however do require Real-Time microsecond control, so TOOC is embedded onto simple ARM processors, drastically reducing the cost and energy expense while maintaining the integrity of the data processing capability. This is a helpful advantage in systems that require accurate and efficient controls but cannot be expensive and do not have a large power budget.


The model based computing of TOOC includes the Real-Time digital measurement of electricity which creates an immediate feedback loop on the operation of the controller. The amount and pattern of power consumption by the controller itself reveals a lot about the work it is doing. This Real-Time feedback loop creates a layer of metadata that allows the controller to operate autonomously with complete assurance of execution.


For example, an air compressor. By replacing the mechanical pressure switch with a digital one, building a Real-Time model of the compressor operation and controlling all the valves, a basic air compressor which today requires semi-constant human attention during operation and maintenance (leaving open an unknown on costly errors) is converted into a maximally efficient, fully automated air compressor requiring no human attention for operation with automatic alerts when maintenance is required.


SAM Controllers Are Excellent Energy Efficiency Hawks
The value of this Compressor Controller retrofit kit is clear for the owner of the air compressor. Most users of air compressors are not experts in compressed air. However, there is much more value to AI controls of everyday use machines that must be considered. Energy savings being paramount among them.


The semi-constant attention required for present day air compressor systems is related to operation and maintenance, not energy conservation. There are two major times during the normal course of operation that an air compressor unnecessarily wastes energy:

  1. On startup when the motor is loaded, causing the current draw to be much higher
  2. When draining condensate from the expansion tank and releasing too much air causing the tank to get repressurized more frequently


Both of these are perpetual wasters of energy throughout the lifetime of the air compressor. Efficient execution of these two tasks require exact knowledge and perfect timing, neither of which can be provided with an analog solution without computing.


The Compressor Controller always soft starts the motor unloaded, allowing it to warm up before loading it with the pump. This consistent action significantly reduces the amount of current required to startup.


Additionally, the Compressor Controller is constantly calculating the precise amount of condensate being created during compression based on the Real-Time environmental conditions (i.e. temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.). With this precise knowledge, it drains the condensate when it is present, only using the exact amount of air required to drain the tank and no more, reducing the number of times the pump must repressurize the expansion tank.


Over the lifetime of the air compressor, which of course has been extended because of consistent, intelligent operation, these two features will save thousands of dollars in operation costs, in both in maintenance and energy consumption.

SAM Controllers Data and Analytics Integration
The world of controls is a world of data and analytics; often an overwhelming amount of data and analytics. More sensors means more data which requires more processing power. Normally, this is a difficult line to walk when it comes to costs. Massive computing power and the corresponding infrastructure is an expensive capital expense and has high operational expenses because it consumes lots of energy and requires labor to manage.


SAM Controllers are unencumbered by these traditional computing barriers. TOOC is a cost effective methodology that can convert virtually any device into a task specific computer that improves its effectiveness and efficiency, in addition to opening up a new world of data and analytics.


SAM Controllers push the concepts of Real-Time computing to the nanosecond level and edge computing to the device level. 99% of the foundational layer of operational data used in the controller is constantly erased and written over every few microseconds without ever being transmitted outside the device, providing the ultimate form of data security. The fraction of data that is not erased is used to maintain the working model of the device operation and some important reporting information is displayed on the universal single button LCD menu.


SAM Controllers can be easily upgraded to IoT devices, providing the exact data streams that users want to receive, completely processed and error free because it is reporting data. This is a solution to the deluge of “noisy” data that is presently overwhelming industries not familiar with data handling; only selecting valuable data to receive in the first place.


This also allows for a seamless integration into virtually any platform because SAM Controllers are a source of customizable, error free reporting data on nearly any system that requires control. As SAM Controllers replace PLC, the number of platforms that can be created will skyrocket, opening up new services and offerings in numerous industries across multiple verticals.


Task Oriented Optimal Computing opens access to new, robust layers of data and analytics that deepen visibility into systems and improve the precision and speed of controlled reactions. The need for more control with less waste is a clear market need and stakeholder desire. The controls industry has a new tool with SAM Controllers.

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