Eliminating Harmonics in a Server Rack with 3DFS

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Eliminating Harmonics in a Server Rack with 3DFS

Data centers electrical networks are filled with thousands of loads all demanding power at the same time. In this video, we isolate a server rack loaded with various storage arrays and GPU accelerated blade servers and individually review a few of the beneficial effects of subcycle correction. The server rack shows a clear operational difference when subcycle correction is turned on.

The first section demonstrates the Current and Voltage waveforms being rebuilt in real time.
In the second section, we demonstrate the effect of subcycle correction dynamically maintaining power factor near unity and sustaining harmonic distortion at near ideal levels.

Power Factor (PF) Average:


L1 L2 L3

VectorQ2 Off

0.41 0
0.92 0
0.95 0

VectorQ2 On

0.99 0
0.99 0
0.99 0
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Average:


L1 L2 L3

VectorQ2 Off

117% 0
33% 0
29% 0

VectorQ2 On

2% 0
4% 0
9% 0

In the third section, we demonstrate the effect of automatic load balancing across the phases. Automatic phase balancing is a claim unique to our patent and only available with 3DFS technology.
Current Average:


L1 L2 L3

VectorQ2 Off
0.5A 0
4.3A 0
15.3 0

VectorQ2 On
6.6A 0
6.5A 0
6.7A 0

Below are a number of resources by various industry leaders describing the additional costs associated with high harmonics and non-unity power factor in data centers as well as some of the piece meal competitive products that make up existing “solutions.”

To learn more about our electrical network analysis, click here


Data Center Power System Harmonics: An Overview of Effects on Data Center Efficiency and Reliability, The Green Grid

Power Protection for Data Centers, ABB

Harmonics in Your Electrical System, Eaton

Mitigating PQ Problems in Legacy Data Centers, SLAC

Experts speak on UPS output Watt, VA, and Power Factor ratings, APC

Impact of Leading Power Factor on Data Center Generator Systems, Schneider Electric

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