Demonstrating Benefits of Subcycle Correction with Non-invasive Analysis

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Demonstrating Benefits of Subcycle Correction with Non-invasive Analysis

3DFS began performing electrical network analyses for prospective clients in October 2015.


The analysis takes less than an hour, does not interrupt power, and demonstrates the benefits of subcycle correction within that specific electrical network. A report is compiled and delivered in a few days showing the difference the electrical network with the power corrected and the power left uncorrected. From this report, monthly savings can be extrapolated and a lot of information on the exposure of wear and tear to connected loads is determined.


If you can save us 10% on HVAC and automatically balance the loads across the phases, then 'the VectorQ2' will absolutely pay for itself regardless of the other features and benefits.

-COO of 100,000 sq ft. Data Center Operation


Stability and strengthening of electrical networks benefits everybody by reducing costs, protecting assets, and increasing uptime and reliability for operations.


Whatever the reason, subcycle correction will improve your electrical network operations. Some clients are seeking a solution to a specific problem, some clients look to us for future planning and forecasting through real time metering and predictive performance analytics, and some clients simply want to save money in the short term and long term. We are certain we can improve your operations; an electrical network analysis will determine how much we can improve them.

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