Artificial Intelligence to Control Electricity in Refrigerators & HVAC

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Artificial Intelligence to Control Electricity in Refrigerators & HVAC

We can adapt this technology to be put inside refrigerators and HVAC units and provide 3DFS Software-Defined Power within them.


The major benefit from this is smooth continuous undistorted power for the unit that will include complete surge protection. The unit will require less current to startup and during operation of the device and the continuous match of power demand will prevent motors from galloping during startup and will ensure they always run at the designed RPMs, eliminating the presence of motor droop. All motors will also experience ideal magnetic flux during startup, operation and shutdown.


Another benefit to installing 3DFS Software-Defined Power into the units is the wireless transmission of energy usage data. The product company could receive streaming data on the in field performance of the device. This would include operational data for instance when the device is ON/OFF and how the customer uses the unit over time. It would also include unit diagnostic data alerting when maintenance is required or if failure is imminent.


We have an engineering group that works specifically with clients on the adaptation of 3DFS Software-Defined Power and can provide every aspect, from design through manufacturing or we can be contracted for select services in the process as you see fit.


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