3DFS Software-Defined Electricity Webinar 5/4 & 5/5

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3DFS Software-Defined Electricity Webinar 5/4 & 5/5

3DFS Software-Defined Electricity is an innovative technology that opens up a new level of electricity control and data that has enormous global implications. When a facility has 3DFS installed, there is immediate network protection and improvement in asset performance with a clear reduction in energy consumption and utility bills. We encourage people to learn about the importance of our technology and the direction of our company.


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Below is the agenda for the upcoming Webinar.


Webinars Scheduled for Thursday May 4 1:30PM EST and Friday May 5 10:00AM EST:


Webinar Agenda:


(2 min) Introduction to 3DFS?

Where have we been?

Where are we going?


(5 min) Dirty Electricity and the Drawbacks

Energy Losses Throughout the U.S. Grid

Poor Mechanical Performance of Assets

Added Costs

Wasted Energy



(10 min) Clean Electricity and the Benefits

Dynamic Prevention of Energy Losses

Assets Operate as Designed

Reduced OPEX and CAPEX

Ideal Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint

Dynamic Stability and Elasticity in Electrical Networks


(10 min) New Level of Energy Informatics

Identification of All Assets From Main Panel

Real Time Diagnostics for Entire Facility

Predictive Performance Analytics



(2 min) Opening New Markets with the Data Opportunity


(5 min) 3DFS Products


(20 min) Webinar Q&A




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