3DFS Receives the 2017 Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics

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3DFS Receives the 2017 Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics

We are honored to announce that Popular Mechanics has awarded 3DFS the 2017 Breakthrough Award for Software-Defined Electricity, labeling it an innovation that changed the world this year; Hyperefficient Digitized Electricity.


We would like to offer a special thank you to Ezra Dyer and all of the Popular Mechanics staff that were involved to make this happen. We have been working on this company for many years and this honor is a motivating reward for the hard work and exhaustive amount of time that has been dedicated to this.


We are grateful for this recognition, and will continue to push ahead with the digitization and control of electricity. Every person on the planet should know about clean electricity so we have a lot of work to do.


As always, we are proud to manufacture all 3DFS products in Pittsboro, North Carolina and will continue to grow our organization here in North Carolina, our home.\


To read the Popular Mechanics article, click here or pick up a copy of the November magazine issue on stands now.

  • Nick Freeman
    Posted at ,

    Congratulations for a long overdue, well deserved recognition.

    Perhaps this will provide some validation to the utilities.

    The regulated utilities are abnegating their responsibilities to shareholders and ratepayers by not adopting 3DFS’ energy management technologies.

    Shareholders and regulators need to be informed to compel the utilities’ managers to do the right thing

  • Posted at ,

    What you are doing has only been theorized by many institutions, I am excited to see your technology in practice actually making a difference.

  • srinivas purushotham
    Posted at ,

    great Achievement and we have to follow you

  • Jim Longley
    Posted at ,

    As a former “Transmission Technical Support Engineer” for NY Telephone Company (yes, a long time ago) troubleshooting noise issues frequently resulting from “dirty power” I used to wish that someone would come up with a product that would clean up power. Almost as much as I used to wish that someone would educate the power companies I dealt with that their power might carry something other than 60Hz, a task I had to repeat over and over, frequently with the same power company contact person.

    I am glad your site shows the phases in proper array, rather than Popular Mechanics’ incorrect representation that shows the three phases being moved into phase with each other.

    Interesting product, much luck in your endeavor.

  • Posted at ,

    Thank you for finishing that system.
    Me, as an LED Light engineer and inventor (7 patents + a few pending) –
    I know – how much work, sleepless nights that takes.

    I was looking for this kind of system, that can add a LOT to energy savings, sustainable support of wind, solar, thermal energy producing.

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