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Digital Control of Electricity in Data Centers

Requires Real Time Computing

Uncontrolled electricity powering a data center is the root of power network instability. Electricity resiliency can only be achieved with digital control through Software-Defined Electricity .


The following problems are clear signs that the electricity within a data center is uncontrolled:

  • Needing heat evacuation due to electrical losses
  • Voltage transients blowing power supplies
  • Overheating electrical panels, assets and infrastructure
  • UPS device capacity and safety is spotty and uneven
  • Generator supplied electricity increase heat in the electrical network
  • Electricity consumption is varied and excessive
  • Operations are disrupted during long transitions on/off grid

  • Inability to know the capacity of existing surge protection
  • Excessive utility penalties, fees and demand charges
  • External electricity problems affect the internal operations
  • The Packet Error Rate fluctuates anywhere above 1%
  • Sensors within data center require constant maintenance and replacement
  • Ground and neutral current interferes with electronics
  • Electrical network instability affects operations in any way

3DFS Technology addresses the root of network instability, reduces energy costs and makes data centers safer, efficient and resilient.

Instantly Improve


The increased control and efficiency experienced with Software-Defined Electricity reduces data center energy expenses.
Savings will be noticed in some of the following ways:
Savings on Operational Expenses Through Electrical Efficiency
Data centers can save 25% in overall electricity consumption

The IT infrastructure (i.e. servers, routers, switches, storage, etc.) and lighting will experience about a 15% reduction in energy consumption over their lifetime. Large motors and compressors (i.e. HVAC, CRAC, pumps, etc.) will experience about a 25% reduction in energy consumption over their lifetime.

Maintenance/Replacement Savings Through Protection
Data centers save up to 25% from their annual R&M budget

All data center assets will be supplied digitally perfect electricity, protecting them from any electrical fluctuation including surges and sags. Never under or overpowering a load allows it to operate as designed and significantly reduces the maintenance required.

Client Retention By Maintaining Certainty of Uptime
Data centers maintain digital control during off grid transition

Maintaining uptime during transition between power sources from grid power, to UPS, to generator/batteries, back to grid power is the riskiest event for downtime. Digital control of the electricity during this transition maintains stable voltage and balanced current, preventing the harmful transients and spikes that trigger downtime events.

Create a Resale Market for Replaced Equipment
IT equipment maintains resale value when powered with clean electricity

By protecting the assets in the data center with Software-Defined Electricity during operation, the resale value of those assets is substantially higher than equipment powered by uncontrolled electricity. This can help offset upgrades to assets and infrastructure and improves the quality of lower tier data center’s that rely on legacy equipment.

Instantly Improve


No matter data center design, digitally controlled electricity is a guaranteed improvement to the electrical network stability and up-time. 


Increased stability will be noticed in some of the following ways:
Operational Improvement Through Heat Reduction
20 degree temperature drop in infrastructure and assets

Wasted electricity and work is exhibited as heat everywhere in the electrical network (i.e. transformers, PDU, UPS, power supplies, energy storage, VFDs, lighting, HVAC motors, etc.) 3DFS Technology maintains electrical energy as electricity preventing it from converting to heat and reducing the network efficiency.

Operational Improvement Through Increased Uptime
Data centers increase their uptime by dynamically controlling the electricity

Software-Defined Electricity maintains control and balance in the power network every microsecond to ensure electricity resiliency and perfect power to all loads. This approach neutralizes cascading electrical events (i.e. transients, surges, sags, swells, etc.), increasing uptime.

Operational Improvement Through Electricity Analytics
Every single device and event that occurs in an electrical network can be identified, tracked and monitored from the panel level

Data center power network and entire load profiles can now be digitally mapped and monitored for the ultimate in facility and asset awareness and management.

Operational Improvement Through Budgeting and Forecasting
Device level energy profiles over time provide exact data for financial modeling

Energy budgeting and forecasting typically allows for a large variance because of the volatile nature of pricing and consumption. Software-Defined Electricity eliminates that variance by ridding the network of electrical waste, providing the ultimate in energy accountability.

New Layer of

Electricity Analytics

3DFS Technology opens a new, non-invasive layer of electricity data and analytics with the power of real time edge computing. This layer opens up enormous possibilities in non intrusive load monitoring and asset monitoring, management and forecasting.

Individual Device Monitoring and Predictive Analytics

Comprehensive device performance data is collected in a centralized dashboard for data center operators to drill down to faulty equipment (i.e. power supplies, UPS failing, generator, etc.) and bring to attention prior to any disruption of operations

Comprehensive Data for Accurate Budget and Forecasting

The detailed device energy profiles can be segmented and compared across brand and function to identify which operates with superior performance in live environments bringing certainty to budgeting and forecasting

Detailed Electricity Consumption Data for Verification

The comprehensive energy profile data on each device provides detailed information that can be used for an exact understanding of the energy consumption if verification is requested

Real Time Infrastructure & Asset Management Platforms

Building infrastructure management as well as repair and maintenance scheduling can be performed precisely based on real data from a single dashboard for ease of oversight, delegation and record keeping

Installing 3DFS Products in Your Data Centers