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Incorporating 3DFS Products in Your Data Center

There are many 3DFS products that can benefit the stability and efficiency of data center electrical networks. A common element of our technology is that installation is easy and non-invasive. We will work with you to navigate our energy data platform to quickly build value with the energy data and analytics capabilities.

Installing Software-Defined Electricity

Software-Defined Electricity can be retroactively installed in data centers with a one time capital investment and will instantly improve the stability of the electrical network. The parallel installation and small form factor of the Software-Defined Power Controllers make them easy to accommodate within existing sites with very little, if any modification. A Tier 4 server row can be fully installed and activated with two electricians in four hours without disrupting service.

Energy Data & Analytics Services

Installation of Software-Defined Electricity comes standard with a basic data package that will display the real time health and wellness of the electrical network. For data center operators who would like more robust information on their energy consumption, we provide data and analytics packages as a service with different levels of functionality and can assign a specialist to work with facility operators on customized solutions.


This collection of data is the data center’s absolute energy consumption profile. It is the true baseline for business operations. Access to this data is a valuable tool delivering the highest degree of accuracy to budgeting, energy forecasting and asset management. 3DFS will work with the client to determine what energy data and analytics functionality is desired and develop the appropriate software solution for the requested data access.

What are the next steps?

Every data center is different, so we are going to need to talk to you. Follow the following steps to begin the process of protecting your data center with Software-Defined Electricity:

1. Inquiry Form

Fill out the Data Center Inquiry Form with as much of the requested information as possible. An engineer will review the information contact you to set up a conference call to discuss the project.

2. Conference Call

Coordinate Conference Call with the 3DFS engineering team for you to learn more about Software-Defined Electricity and for us to learn more about your data center.

3. Quote

Receive, Review and Execute Quote for delivery of 3DFS Technology. Execution typically requires 50% up front payment with the final due upon installation and activation.

4. Installation & Activation

Installation and Activation of Software-Defined Electricity is fast and non-interruptible and activation is automatic. Everything else is done from behind the keyboard.

It all starts by contacting us

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