We have flexible electronics manufacturing resources and expertise from design to production. We offer concierge manufacturing services to upgrade your products for Zero Waste and real time operational data from the field.

We provide all electronics manufacturing services from Engineering to Testing

Testing & Quality

Our dedicated engineering group is experienced with quickly updating products and facilities with our technology at any Voltage and in any environment.

With our flexible electronics manufacturing capability, we offer the complete suite of integration services including all documentation, instructions, and manuals, as well as any maintenance, certifications, and training. Working together with you, we will deliver shelf ready products in 6 to 9 months.

SMT PCB Assembly

We use multiple SMT manufacturing lines which give us the versatility to provide prototyping through mass production volumes and to support your business from first delivery, through ramp-up, and into mass sales and distribution. Our flexible tooling at the sub-assembly level allows us to meet a wide range of needs.

Chip-on-Board Assembly

High-mix Assemblies with 1000+ components per board side

Variety of component sizes up to 01005

2 sided SMT and THD assembly

Box Build Assembly Services

We provide complete turnkey production of electromechanical assemblies and box builds. 3DFS Manufacturing provides the entire manufacturing process from sheet metal to cable harness and circuit boards to paint. We will complete the entire product integration as a turn key operation to provide businesses with the greatest flexibility maneuvering the market.

Selective Conformal Coating

We operate robotic conformal coating production lines with in-line UV and IR curing ovens for conformal and atomized Acrylic and Urethane coatings and can adapt our technology to extreme environments.

Water-based and VOC Free Coatings

Our processes conform to:





Testing and Quality
Testing and Inspection

Every step in our electronics manufacturing process is monitored and trackable for optimum efficiency. Our comprehensive system for measuring production line performance allows us to proactively take steps and introduce continuous improvement to ensure the highest quality manufacturing and production.

Automated Optical Inspection

Sub-Micron X-Ray Inspection

Double sided Flying Probe

In-Circuit Electrical Test


Our electronics manufacturing operations put a high value on work quality, whether engineering, production, testing, or shipping. We employ the best and brightest who push our operations to be both flexible, and ultra efficient, and easy to work with.

Our collective company goal is to deliver 100% defect-free products on time with excellent customer service and ongoing support for any product needs.



3DFS Manufacturing

From consumer appliances and products to grid level storage, our Software Defined Power Architecture is easily adaptable to any device that connects to the Grid or any microgrid.

Contact us to see how you can upgrade your company products for zero electrical waste and live operational data and analytics from products in the field

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