3DFS Selected to Showcase at 2018 State of Tech Conference

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3DFS Selected to Showcase at 2018 State of Tech Conference

3DFS has been selected as a finalist for the Startup Showcase in the North Carolina Technology Association’s State of Technology Conference which will be held on May 4, 2018 at the Durham Convention Center.


The presenting sponsor this year is IBM and theme of the conference this year is Artificial Intelligence and how it is impacting our work, play and world and what we can expect to see in the future.  


3DFS Software-Defined Electricity incorporates Real-Time computing into the data acquisition which opens up a new layer of electricity informatics providing a deeper, wider and richer understanding of power flow. This knowledge and other coordinated innovation allows 3DFS Technology to digitally synchronize electricity in real time.


Digitally synchronized electricity in a power network means that electricity consumption will always be the most efficient possible, the work of every device is maximized and the network is always stable and protected from transients.


The artificial intelligence innovation within 3DFS Technology is the Real-Time computing system that acquires and processes data with unprecedented speed. A VectorQ Series power controller is installed in parallel to a power network at the panel level and acquires 26 separate electrical parameters, each in 24 bit resolution at MHz frequencies on each phase plus neutral and ground in order to open this new layer of data and new level of control.


Because Software-Defined Electricity is embedded into power networks and is therefore notoriously difficult to exhibit in convention center like venues, we are thrilled to be exhibiting SAM Controllers alongside with 3DFS Technology. The exhibit will include multiple controllers that address gaping data and analytics markets in the smart city controller space.


We will have an array of embedded controllers, infrastructure tools, status indicators and more all operating with Real-Time computing, specifically our Task Oriented Optimal Computing (“TOOC”) which is a flexible processor system/processor environment agnostic computing methodology that maximizes data processing and power consumption efficiency allowing for Real-Time, multi-sensor synchronization and error free data acquisition.


TOOC embedded hardware is optimally designed for systems where total awareness and control at the convergence of the analog and digital world is required. It is ideal for IOT solutions and opens up a number of markets in the monitoring and security space as well as blockchain enabled control systems or Real-Time infrastructure work monitoring.


We are excited to participate in the conference with so many notable companies and such knowledgeable industry veterans.


Thank you North Carolina Technology Association. 

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