Electrical Network Resiliency and Stability


VectorQ Series

  Software-Defined Power Controllers

Real time control of electricity requires knowledge of what is occurring in the electrical network and the ability to correct any distortions in the same system.


From a security perspective, it is important to maintain separation between the power network and the data network.


This is only achievable with a real time edge computing system constantly analyzing and adjusting for the facility energy requirements, using the data network only for reporting data.

Easy Installation, Automated Network Stability
VectorQ series provides facility electrical stability

All VectorQ products are installed into electrical networks in parallel and operate continuously without servicing.

Products are Adaptable to Any Network Voltage
110V up to 26kV

Products are now available for 110V, 208/240V and 480V. We can accommodate projects up to 26kV as custom solutions.

Technical Specifications of VectorQ Series

No leading or lagging load power factor restrictions

Full +/- 90 deg of phase angle correction

Unlimited power rating in all phases

THD correction better than 5%

Automatic phase balancing >95%

Continuous surge and lightning protection

True Measurement Electrical Energy Flow
Electricity analytics reveal everything about the network

Unprecedented level of electricity data and analytics are available with basic up to advanced analytics and forecasting packages.

VectorQ Series Products

VectorQ1 – Residential / Utility: 240V

VectorQ1R  – Residential:  240V

VectorQ2 – Commercial: 208/240V

VectorQ5-70 – Commercial:  480V -70kW

VectorQ5-180 – Commercial 480V – 180kW

VectorQ8 – Commercial/Industrial 760V

VectorQ12 – Commercial/Industrial 1200V

VectorQx – Custom Commercial/Industrial/Utility