3DFS Selected as Finalist for NATO Innovation Challenge

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3DFS Selected as Finalist for NATO Innovation Challenge

The NATO Innovation Challenge, co-organised by the Defence and Security Innovation Hub and the NATO Innovation Hub under the auspices of Major General Jaromír Zůna and the rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Vojtěch Petráček, addresses the dangers presented by electromagnetic pulse to our societies and militaries. The competition aims to tap into the minds of innovative people and teams to find new, creative and efficient ways for NATO to respond to security challenges and potential crises.


3DFS has been selected as a finalist for the 2019 NATO Innovation Challenge and will present a Software-Defined Electricity online demonstration for the NATO HQ SACT and IC-19/Spring Partners at the Pitch Day event in Brno, Czech Republic on May 30, 2019.  The winner of the event will get stage-time at NATO events and access to contract opportunities.


Excerpt from paper:

EMP Detection: Software-Defined Electricity operates on the principle of oversampling inputs to extract maximum information on the power flow to deliver the most possible time to react to any electrical event. EMP travels in waves. In oceans preceding a tsunami, shore water recedes significantly back before the inrush. A similar phenomenon is true with EMP in power networks. Time is the most precious resource related to EMP damage mitigation. The sooner it is detected, the more time there is to react. 

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  • Nick Freeman
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    Congratulations to the 3DFS team.
    In a similar analogy, having 3DFS technology in grid management deployments (substations, autoclosers , distribution and NOC) empowers instant, granular, and mission critical real-time insight and control . Excellent use of foundational siftware- TheEnergy Cloud OS.

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