Carbon Emissions are Electrification’s Fault

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Carbon Emissions are Electrification’s Fault


Electrical power has been around since the late 1800s and there are many experts both academic and industry who have spent their entire lives working with it. The one thing that is universal, globally, is the measurement methods. Since the entire world measures the same way, innovation and advancement are relegated to that constraint with the assumption that these measurement methods provide all the information possible.


Take a moment to consider the evolution of electricity. Nikola Tesla did not have the advantage of computers at the time and was tasked with finding a way to meter it. With the absence of computing power, the only possible option for metering electricity at that time was to use an indirect method of measurement. Thus, an industry was born using Root Mean Squared, which is nothing more than acquiring data points over a period of time and using averages and integrals to determine values. It is imprecise.


Humans never transitioned from an indirect method of electricity measurement to a direct method. We have gotten much faster with the indirect samples and have improved the “accuracy,” but indirect methods of electricity measurement can never be truly accurate.


Today, in all the research laboratories and academic institutions as well as all of the advanced power analyzers and power electronics, all measurement methods are indirect, with absolutely zero continuous precision measurements at the subcycle level in Real-Time as it flows.


Because there has never been any direct measurement of electricity, that means the entire grid, including all generation, transmission, distribution, storage and loads have been built without ever being able to definitively examine electricity’s behavior. This has culminated into our modern grid and economy where the entire world unquestionably embraces the pros and cons of this approach as fact, never revisiting the fundamental premise, just constantly working to maintain and advance the existing system.


To be clear, it is a given that humans have advanced indirect electricity measurement. In fact, the sample rates have gotten so fast that it can easily be assumed any gains in visibility from faster measurement would be nominal at best. But this is the modern day equivalent of “the world is flat” because it is all being measured indirectly.


Would it be more or less accurate to measure the volume of water passing a single spot on a river without directly measuring it?


3DFS has discovered and harnessed the ability to directly measure electricity. Direct measurement of electricity radically changes what is known and what is possible in the world of energy.


The bare knuckle truth behind excessive global carbon emissions is and always has been electrification’s fault. We beneficiaries have simply continued what our electrical forefathers were doing and now find ourselves in the unenviable position of reversing course in the face of almost certain devastation.


I encourage everybody to look from this point of view because it is critical to global energy sustainability and imperative in the quest for global greenhouse gas emission reduction.

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    Your really are an incredible mind Chris- your writing reminds me very much of Tesla’s style. As I am certain you know a lot about the man, you know then that he was a philosopher and writer of amazing talent.

    Keep on going, What you are doing and bringing to the forefront of the discussion about electricity is very important — you are an inspiration.

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