A Software Defined Power Controller that works in real time with electricity to optimize electrical networks and provide advanced data and analytics functionality

The ultimate in Software Defined Power Architecture eliminates waste in electrical networks for fully optimized electricity and dynamic stability with real time data measurement and verification.

Take Charge of Your Electricity

VectorQ2 is an exceptional value for any business, exceeding all current standards for energy efficiency and providing precision energy use data and analytics for reliable forecasting.


Pay only for the clean power you use with Zero Waste Electrical Networks

Technology Inside VectorQ2

Installs like an appliance, one circuit breaker with its own sensor and an internet connection completes the installation.


The electrical network efficiency is optimal at all times consuming the least amount of power possible for operation for a Zero Waste Electrical Network


Upon Activation, clients will pay less for power each month, experience less power disturbances, reduce peak usage, and eliminate most utility penalties


Power service is never interrupted even during installation with complete correction and data functionality


The VectorQ2 is designed to operate continuously in a live electrical environment, correcting and stabilizing electricity for at least 10 years


Connected loads require less repair and maintenance, real time power use data assists with capacity planning, historical data profiles allows for accurate forecasting and maintenance scheduling


Nominal Voltages Automatic Detection and Configuration
120V - 240V, 1,2 or 3 phase with or without N/G
Load Power Factor No leading or lagging load power factor restrictions
Correction Amount Full +/- 90 deg of Correction
Power Rating Unlimited in all Phases
Maximum % THD No restrictions
THD Correction Better than 5%
Load Balancing Balanced to 95%
Surge & Lightning Protection Continuous with no degradation over time
Targeted ROI 18 Months
VectorQ2 Implementation

VectorQ2 is the hardware portion of our Software Defined Power Solution. Each electrical network is different and may require more than one power controller. Please contact us for more information and to schedule an electrical network analysis for exact numbers

VectorQ2 Implementation