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All in One System

A 3DFS Power Controller is powered by a real time computing system. There is an innovative flash energy storage system that directly interacts with the electricity as it flows. It has capacitive and inductive components and can charge or discharge microamps at the microsecond level in order to manipulate the electricity with precision thousands of times at the subcycle level on each phase.


The system oversamples the electricity data using 26 input channels, measuring parameters including current, voltage, phase angle, power factor, harmonics, reactive power, etc. at 24 bit resolution and MHz frequencies. The real time computing systems synchronizes the timing and finds zero for each parameter and then feeds the mathematical model


The exact real time awareness of each of these parameters is powerful knowledge to have at a critical moment in time. The model calculates the exact pattern that the Flash Energy Storage mechanisms must charges/discharge to counterbalance the existing distortions at hundreds of kHz frequencies.


This model based approach counterbalances all of the electrical energy distortions (i.e. harmonics, voltage fluctuation, power factor, etc.) that occur during the natural demand of electricity in power networks simultaneously and the results is an electrical network that maintains ideal electrical efficiency at all time, regardless of the load profile or upstream electricity fluctuation.


Software-Defined Electricity is a modular and scalable technology that brings digital control of electricity to any electrical environment in parallel, to provide the ultimate in electricity resiliency and control. It can scale up to Transmission and Distribution levels and can scale down to device levels, so products can be made to operate with clean electricity regardless of the electrical network they are installed in.

The importance of Software-Defined Electricity cannot be overlooked. Energy losses in electrical networks everywhere in the world exceed 50%.

Material Science Innovation

Advancement in material science senses more than two dozen electrical parameters with quarter-Watt accuracy at MHz frequencies (senses every 8-10 nanoseconds)


Efficient Fast Computing

Powerful and flexible new method of efficiently computing data with orders of magnitude more processing power than matrix computing using 120 only Watts of power is the brain behind Software-Defined Electricity


Breakthrough Energy Storage

Proprietary method of energy storage performs precision patterns of charging and discharging current at tenths of MHz frequencies (microseconds) into the electrical network


Real Time Correction

The precision charging/discharging patterns counterbalance all sources of energy loss in the electricity at that precise moment in time resulting in perfect energy transfer