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Software-Defined Power Webinar

We have had some great success in the last few weeks and the momentum keeps building. Software-Defined Power is a platform technology that is changing the energy industry from the ground up and we receive many of the same questions daily.


We have decided to conduct a Webinar on Software-Defined Power to answer the most common questions and allow for Q&A with prospective partners, clients, and financiers.


Below is the agenda for the upcoming Webinar. Software-Defined Power will impact nearly every facet of the energy industry in time, so please take a second to indicate the industry that you are most interested in learning about and we will specifically address Software-Defined Power will affect it in the short term and what you can expect in the long term.


Thank you for taking your time to participate and we will shortly set a time and date for the Webinar.



Webinar Agenda:


What is Software-Defined Power (SDP)?

Analog vs. Digital

How SDP improves quality of electrical service


What will this change in the energy industry?

Generation (Renewable and Non-renewable)


Conversion (AC to DC, DC to AC, AC to AC)


End Use (Proactive vs. Reactive)


Products and Timelines

VectorQ series of Power Controllers

Calibri Power Analyzer

SineSync Energy Storage


How will SDP impact your industry in the short term and long term?



Webinar Q&A




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