Electrical Correction & Balance
Live response electrical correction and balance technology minimizes electrical losses and maximizes efficiency and stability of electrical networks and grids

Existing Electrical Correction

As previously mentioned , the RMS methodology for measuring electricity is insufficient for real time measurement. It is impossible to correct for something that you cannot measure, so it should come as no surprise to anybody electrical correction and balance does not exist today.
If you were to examine electricity moving through our electrical networks to our loads with a microscope, you would not see a smooth seamless delivery. The electricity is pushed and pulled through the grid by a series of switching and transformation technologies and is always choppy.

These are not small problems

In other words, we have been supplying our electronics, appliances and machines with dirty electricity ever since Nikola Tesla’s time. The addition of capacitors, harmonic filters, transformers, UPS, etc. only serve to absorb energy with ancillary benefits of compensation that barely allows electricity to flow, resulting in most being wasted as heat or vibration in the infrastructure and our devices.

Why this matters?

The amount of energy that is unnecessarily wasted as dirty electricity in our electrical networks due to electrical distortions and imbalance is enormous. The costs to every stakeholder are staggering.


Recoverable losses exist throughout our grid everywhere that electricity is currently used they cannot even be measured, much less corrected. This leaves our electrical networks vulnerable and our service expensive.


The first century of our electricity usage was very predictable and stable, but today’s world of sensitive electronics and precision use of electricity without electrical correction increases the instability of our electricity supply.



3DFS Electrical Correction and Balance

3DFS has taken an innovative approach to electrical correction and balance with a fast computing, low power system installed in parallel to the electrical network. It leverages supercomputing capacity to measure at nanoseconds and calculate the precise microsecond to either inject or extract microcurrents to restore the waveform close to ideal. This occurs on each phase in real time.

3DFS Software-Defined Electricity is the first technology to analyze and clean electricity in real time, providing a perfect transfer of power and ultimate control and transparency.

Coordinated Innovation

The innovation that makes this possible is the ability to accurately calculate and precisely inject or extract tiny amounts of current in live response to the electrical network conditions to maintain ideal electrical energy flow and balance within the entire network.
Subcycle Correction
The software simultaneously calculates the overall electrical load balance of the entire network and adjusts accordingly on each phase for microsecond level phase balancing. This level of electrical load balancing nearly eliminates neutral and ground currents and improves the upstream electrical infrastructure.
Automatic Phase Load Balancing
3DFS technology ensures automatic networkwide impedance matching at the microsecond level for optimum electrical efficiency and minimized electrical losses from sags, swells and surges. It also provides a seamless transition between multiple facility power sources without allowing for disruption.
Real Time Protection
Software-Defined Electricity ultra-efficiently performs digital electrical conversion and inversion between AC and DC with virtually no heat losses, increasing the production potential of renewable energy and energy storage technologies.
Bi-Directional Conversion
How this changes the industry

This technology provides clean electricity for the first time ever, ensuring reliable stability, ideal efficiency and the minimal amount of losses in electrical networks. The result is the lowest possible carbon footprint during the production, distribution and consumption of electricity.

3DFS Software-Defined Electricity improves everything about electrical environments and will eventually come to be a necessary component in most products, networks, grids and microgrids.

Electrical generation, distribution and consumption is less expensive, ideally efficient and dynamically stable in every situation.

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