Energy Storage


SineSync Series

  Software-Defined Energy Storage

Electricity is the catalyst and byproduct of the chemical reaction occurring with the energy storage system.


Digital control of electricity stabilizes the charging/discharging process and improves the output and performance of the batteries, increasing their useful life.


Our approach to battery management is chemistry agnostic and provides all the benefits of Software-Defined Electricity along with unparalleled energy storage performance, management and control.

Easy Installation, Automated Network Stability
SineSync doubles as energy storage and electrical network correction

All SineSync products are installed into electrical networks in parallel and operate continuously without servicing.

Adaptable to Any Grid Level
SineSync energy storage management applies to residential up to grid level

There should never be a compromise on stability, efficiency or safety of energy storage by homeowners, business owners or utility scale players. SineSync delivers it all and can be applied to any energy storage chemistry at any grid level.

Technical Specifications of SineSync Series

No leading or lagging load power factor restrictions

Full +/- 90 deg of phase angle correction

Unlimited power rating in all phases

THD correction better than 5%

Automatic phase balancing >95%

Continuous surge and lightning protection

True Measurement Electrical Energy Flow
Multiparametric measurement of electricity reveals everything about consumption

Unprecedented level of energy data and analytics are available with basic packages up to advanced analytics and forecasting.

SineSync Series Products

SineSync 17.5kWH  – Residential / Commercial

SineSync 100kWH  – Commercial / Industrial

SineSync 250 kWH – Commercial / Industrial

SineSync 1 MWH – Industrial / Utility