Net Zero Energy for Homes and Businesses

The ultimate solution for Grid independence, ideal electrical efficiency, and net zero energy use. SineSync combines the automated efficiency of 3DFS Software-Defined Power with an advanced battery management system for the highest possible power quality and stability from a home based energy storage system, guaranteed.

How it Works

The SineSync Home Battery System is a plug and play device. It works in your existing home electrical network and renewable energy sources do not need to purchase additional inverters, they can be plugged directly into the SineSync system resulting in a much higher useful energy output.

Homeowners who use SineSync also have the option to track and log your home energy consumption through a customizeable user interface.

The Software Defined Battery Management System has a secure, internet based user interface with a variety of options available to maximize power sales to the Grid, reduce peak loads, and eliminate utility penalties.

Take Charge of Your Electricity

Achieve Net Zero Energy homes and businesses through efficiency and intelligent management of power

The SineSync Battery Management System is an exceptional value for any business, exceeding all current standards for energy efficiency and providing precision energy use data and analytics for reliable inventory and forecasting.

Technology Inside SineSync

SineSync is installed within an hour in the existing electrical infrastructure. Renewable sources are plugged directly into the unit in less than 10 minutes


SineSync utilizes Software Defined Power Correction to eliminate waste which results in Zero Waste Electrical Networks and near ideal electrical efficiency


Upon Activation, clients will pay less for power each month, experience less power disturbances, reduce peak usage, and eliminate utility penalties


An unlimited number of SineSync systems can be installed together in order to meet the storage demands and power service is never interrupted


The SineSync System is designed to operate continuously optimizing electricity and maximizing battery life and renewable energy production for at least 10 years


Grid Independence, Net Zero Energy home or business, elimination of power disturbances, energy use data and analytics, peace of mind

Technology Wall or floor mounted, Lithium Ion battery incorporating 3DFS power control, battery management and direct renewable inputs.
Storage Capacity 17 kWh
Warranty 10 years
Efficiency 95% round-trip DC Efficiency
97% AC Efficiency
Compatibility Single and Three phase
Power Quality > 96% for the entire connection panel
Renewable Inputs 2 inputs standard ( Up to 6 - Optional)
Operating Temperature -4°F to 110°F
Enclosure IP21 Rated for indoor installation
Installation Requires installation by a trained electrician.
Dimensions 58” x 24” x 14”
Weight 725 lbs
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