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Incorporating 3DFS Technology in Your Battery Packs

Controlling the electricity and chemistry are imperative for a stable and efficient energy storage systems. Our approach to battery management is universal and chemistry agnostic, and will work with batteries or fuel cell technologies. We are working with battery manufacturers to deliver 3DFS BMS functionality in the next generation of energy storage products.

Battery Pack Assessment with Software-Defined Electricity

The first step to understanding the performance characteristic improvements to your existing battery packs is to contract us to do research on the battery packs that you are interested in improving. This is a fee for service that 3DFS offers and will result in a thorough report detailing the charging / discharging profiles of your battery packs. The analysis will be recorded and reported with our fast computing system and will include the exhaustive details.

Design and Production of BMS Hardware

Upon receipt of the Battery Pack Assessment, 3DFS offers another fee for service to design, develop and manufacture battery pack specific controllers, which will provide the functionality of 3DFS BMS for this precise battery pack.


We will work with your manufacturing design team to incorporate the controllers into your existing supply chain to seamlessly deliver energy storage products leveraging the power of Software-Defined Electricity

What are the next steps?

Every battery design is different, so we are going to need to talk to you. Follow the following steps to begin the process of protecting your battery packs with Software-Defined Electricity:

1. Inquiry Form

Fill out the Battery Manufacturer Inquiry Form with the requested information. An engineer will review the information contact you to set up a conference call to discuss the project.

2. Conference Call

Coordinate Conference Call with the 3DFS engineering team for you to learn more about Software-Defined Electricity and for us to learn more about your battery packs.

3. Quote

Receive, Review and Execute Quote for Battery Pack Assessment. Payment is 100% up front and will require you to mail 3DFS multiple test batteries to perform the assessment.

4. Review Report & Decide

The 3DFS BMS will deliver the highest caliber results from your battery pack that is not achievable in any other way. Upon reviewing the results, we can work with you on production.

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