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No matter the battery design, chemistry is being leveraged to store and release energy as electricity. Real time control and management of the electricity and chemistry is required for optimum power density and stability of any energy storage system.
Software-Defined Electricity is a PERMANENT solution to the following battery pack problems:

  • Troubles detecting cell faults
  • Individual cell or cell group overcharging / overdischarging
  • Any over/undervoltage
  • Inconsistent balancing of cells during charging / discharging
  • Difficulty characterizing cells or cell groups during charging/discharging
  • Thermal management issues affecting performance

  • Inability and/or instability during deep charge/discharge
  • Inaccurate cell prognostic information (cell count/life expectancy)
  • Requires cooling technology to operate
  • Inconsistency of chemistry on fast charging / discharging
  • Difficulty building and following an accurate battery performance curve
  • Unreliability of capacity measurement and power delivery

3DFS Technology improves energy storage system stability, efficiency, power density, charge rates, cycle life and power delivery

Instantly Improve

Battery Pack Performance and Stability

Real time chemistry modeling of energy storage systems is the only way to maximize all of the performance characteristics and achieve stability. Improvements with the 3DFS BMS will be noticed in the following ways:
Maximum power density per gallon / cubic inch / weight
Real time optimization increases and establishes uniformity in the power density

The power density of the battery pack will be optimized to perform the absolute best that the design and chemistry will support. This precise knowledge and control allows battery pack designs to decrease in weight/volume/configuration with more control over the output performance.

Significant decrease in the operation temperature
Real time chemistry modeling ensures control over runaway temperatures

Indirectly controlling the chemistry by real time monitoring and adjustment prevents the possibility of out of control chemistry resulting in damage and heat. Battery pack designs can confidently reduce weight/volume/configuration constraints because there is less need for ventilation.

Decrease the time required to charge / discharge
Expect to double the charging/discharging rates of a battery pack

Charge / Discharge rates can only be maximized when the electricity and chemistry are controlled. Batteries that charge and discharge in the 4C territory will double the pack output to the 8C territory. Precision charging increases the performance characteristics and battery pack power density while maintaining stability.

Universal or custom power Input/Output
Fully control the battery pack Input/Output with digital precision

Any voltage output can be set as required

Any characteristics on-demand – Constant Voltage / Constant Current / Constant Impedance / Functional output

Digital control for AC Input/Output

Managing Your Battery Packs with 3DFS BMS

If you are not leveraging the power of 3DFS BMS, you are wasting energy, operate at higher levels of instability and and risk battery failure in a completely preventable way. Learn more about implementing the 3DFS BMS in your battery packs here: