VectorQ2 Pilot Program

3DFS specializes in adapting Software-Defined Electricity into products that manage and protect electrical environments. Our flagship device, the VectorQ2 power controller delivers value through electrical network stability, increased safety and savings of energy and money, delivering 12-18 month return on investment.

Software-Defined Electricity is a significant benefit for any data center and we are seeking partners with a long term horizon that focuses on both efficiency of operations and sustainable growth. We are seeking data center operators that want to be first and work with us to develop the advanced energy usage data capabilities which will provide vast new insight into the live data center electrical network that has never been seen and holds extraordinary value.

We know that every data center experiences electrical network problems with overheating and fragility. This pilot project is designed for you. Learn about how this innovative computer system will balance, optimize and manage your electrical network and provide your data center with power network stability and protection.

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