Software-Defined Power can be non-invasively demonstrated in your Electrical Network

See how electrical energy flow optimization improves electrical network uptime and decreases costs


The subcycle data analysis is continuously performed while Software-Defined Power cycles on and off providing a comprehensive test demonstrating the difference in electrical network efficiency, performance, and balance.

Actionable Data

The exhaustive report provides crystal clear data on the existing electrical network performance and efficiency that can be used to highlight the business case for improvements that will save money, increase productivity, and reduce carbon footprints

True Baseline

The real time analysis at the subcycle level allows the data gathered for the report to reflect a true baseline of energy consumption without including the additional electrical waste present due to poor electrical network quality of service

This analysis will unquestionably reveal electrical network improvement and cost savings opportunities

Software-Defined Power is an innovative new energy technology that automates electrical efficiency and power distribution to an unprecedented level. Since the installation is non-invasive, there is no reason not to see how much more efficiently your power could be consumed.

What is the electrical network analysis process?

A detailed electrical analysis depicting precisely how much waste is present


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On site analysis

We will come to your site with all of the proper equipment and perform the analysis

Report Generated

Within a week, a detailed report will be presented with data and analysis

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