Level 2 EV Chargers

Home – Office – Commercial



  • Wall or Pole Mounted
  • J1772 charging connector that can charge any electric vehicle on the road
  • 20’ Foot charging cable with easy cable management

Access Control

  • Always on chargers
  • RFID card access control
  • Secure on site card / app payment

Fast charge

  •  6X faster than Level 1 Chargers
  • Up to 32 Amps (24 miles*/hour)


  • Rated IP66 for indoor and outdoor use
  • Vandal resistant options are available


  • Lower Installation & electricity cost with energy management tools
  • Federal Tax Credit Eligible
Why SineSync
Sinesync chargers are designed with efficiency in mind. Using electricity to power EVs more effectively leads to quieter, cooler transformers, less stress on the grid, and ultimately a longer-lasting infrastructure. Your EV is already focusing on the future of our planet, shouldn’t your charger?


Hotels and Restaurants
Adding EV charging capabilities for overnight stays or just for a meal increases the quality of customer service your business can provide.


Incentivize your customers to spend more time with you while their EV charges. Adding charging options will make your retail space stand out.


With the average American spending nearly nine hours a day at the office, adding EV chargers allows employees to recharge while they work.


Apartment Complex & Housing Developments
EV charging capabilities are a great draw for targeting a more eco-conscious demographic. Placing EV chargers in parking areas near these homes will allow more EV drivers to live in your neighborhood.


Public Parking
Convenient and green-friendly public parking spaces serve as great motivators for drivers searching for lots for sporting events, movies, or retail. Adding EV chargers gives you an advantage in a growing market.