Chris Doerfler Guest Lectures at Kenan Flagler Business School

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Chris Doerfler Guest Lectures at Kenan Flagler Business School

On September 29, 2018, Chris Doerfler represented 3DFS at UNC’s Kenan Flagler Business School with a guest lecture for Dr. Christopher Wedding’s class, “Innovations in Green Building: Business Opportunities in Cleantech.”


The purpose of the lecture was to introduce Task Oriented Optimal Computing to the class, explain its unique and disruptive nature and walk through the catalog of innovative products and markets that open up in residential, commercial and industrial industries with this new computing methodology.


The discussion introduced Software-Defined Electricity and explained its relevance to energy sustainability in all forms of electricity generation and consumption and then touched on the critical importance related to energy security and specifically cybersecurity.


Chris spoke about the challenges of bringing electricity innovation to market which highlighted the difficulty in communicating such a difficult and advanced topic as well as the company’s evolution to the present business model.


At the end of the talk, he revealed a few details about the future spin off company being formed and students were asked what they would do if they were to consult/invest. They asked wide ranging questions about the technology, product lines, business models and strategy and provided their suggestions on areas they would like to have more information about.


Thank you Dr. Christopher Wedding for inviting 3DFS to participate and thank you to the students for eagerly engaging in the discussion. We are grateful for this opportunity to speak and receive feedback with a fresh perspective.


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