Automatic Phase Balancing in Live Power Networks

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Automatic Phase Balancing in Live Power Networks

The Importance of Phase Balancing in AC Power Networks

In AC power networks, the importance of balancing the loads across the phases cannot be overstated. Unbalanced phases can be a safety issue, resulting in harm to the assets and infrastructure within the power network that drive up the total cost of ownership for everything and contribute significantly to down time.

Unbalanced phases are a safety issue because the delta in the current balance is directly related to the amount of current present in the neutral line. Excessive neutral current in a power network is a fire risk that is nearly impossible to catch without proactive measures. In addition to a fire risk, neutral current significantly interferes with the performance of sensitive electronics, causing equipment like servers to have more errors on data transfer, audio equipment to operate with more static/noise and radar to operate with noise limiting the distance objects can be reliably detected. On the larger end of the power consumption perspective, large motors that are unevenly balanced across phases, particularly on startup result in overwhelming demand charges and even more significant downtime and asset harm.

The Difference in 3DFS Phase Balancing

The VectorQ Series power controllers balance phases in a principally new way, in Real-Time as the power is demanded. The VectorQ equally balances the power drawn across all the phases and instantly redistributes the power on the load side to perfect match the demand of each phase. The result is perfect delivery of power on each phase at all times, effectively zeroing the neutral current in Real-Time for the ultimate protection from asset and infrastructure harm.

This is a built in feature of every VectorQ Series power controller and contributes to reducing the amount of energy waste in the power network, saves money on operational expenses (i.e. power, asset repair and maintenance, etc.) and protects the capital equipment from the impeding effect of fluctuating power.


What Does Automatic Phase Balancing Look Like?

Electricity is notoriously difficult to explain and we have learned over the years that providing numbers also does not fully explain the result of 3DFS Phase Balancing. These images have been recreated with the data captured by the latest in field installation of a VectorQ2 power controller. They capture the clear performance improvement of the power flow in this network and are particularly illustrative of the improvement in balance across phases. These results are typical.



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