3DFS Spinoff Accepted in DOE Technology Commercialization Program

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3DFS Spinoff Accepted in DOE Technology Commercialization Program

3DFS’ sister company, SAM Controllers, has developed a valuable machine learning technology that significantly improves the efficiency and operational performance of reciprocating piston compressed air systems, which are frequently cited as the most inefficient onsite utilities for commercial operations. This elegant control system has caught the attention of Pecan Street and has been accepted into their Department of Energy funded technology commercialization program, PLATFORM.


As highlighted on their website,

“PLATFORM for Product Launch links third-party validation of emerging technologies with subsequent investment decisions. This model streamlines the process of obtaining investment based on technology validation and provide potential funders with concrete data on which to base investment decisions. Product validation reports will include environmental impact metrics to facilitate increased application of impact investing and foundation Program-Related Investment capital to American innovation in clean energy technologies.”


By participating in the PLATFORM program, the Compressor Controller will be tested and evaluated for performance in the state of the art testing facilities in Austin, Texas and a report will be generated highlighting the efficiency improvements and environmental impact of the technology.


The Compressor Controller is a small add on control system for reciprocating piston air compressors. Using advanced sensing, feedback and machine learning, it reduces energy consumption and lowers operating costs of reciprocating air compressors. Additionally, it provides increased insight into operational performance while improving the safety and dependability of the overall system.


The most notable benefit of interest is the extreme reduction in energy consumption through precision condensate management which frequently removes the need for additional driers to improve the air quality. By reducing pump cycles and removing driers, the energy savings of some compressed air systems can exceed 60%. 


We are proud of our sister company, SAM Controllers and look forward to participating in the PLATFORM program.

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