3DFS Pitches at Duke University Startup Demo Day

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3DFS Pitches at Duke University Startup Demo Day

3DFS pitched at the Duke University Startup Demo Day as a member of the Joules Accelerator. The 5 minute presentation briefly introduced the design/manufacturing capabilities of 3DFS, the innovation behind Software-Defined Electricity and the global implications of embedding clean electricity into products, which was jovially described as a “punch in the face to GHG emissions.”


The presentation ended with an optimistic vision for the economic future of Central North Carolina, or “Vector Valley,” as Chris Doerfler described it, along with his intention to close on funding and begin working with local entrepreneurs and investors to build the next generation of products, companies and markets, maintaining as much of it in the Research Triangle Area as possible.


After the presentation, he continued the discussion with some students on the particular focus on local economic development. “By combining the unique local talent naturally delivered by the RTP area in computing, power electronics and business, Central North Carolina will become the hub of electricity innovation that will lead the world in the Digital Transformation.”


Thank you to Duke University, the students and alumni that participated in the Startup Demo Day. We always appreciate the opportunity to engage with this treasured university community.



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