3DFS Addresses Duke Energy Via Joules Accelerator

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3DFS Addresses Duke Energy Via Joules Accelerator

As a member of the Joules Accelerator, 3DFS was among the members that were able to directly address Duke Energy executives and representatives of the City of Charlotte to close out the Cohort by reviewing the progress over the last 4 months.


“3DFS technology is rooted in electricity innovation and provides the capability of controlling electricity in Real-Time,”

Chris Doerfler said in his remarks after the luncheon. He continued,

“Controlling electricity in Real-Time means more efficient and stable generation, conversion transformation, distribution, storage, and consumption of electricity, creating a natural synergy between 3DFS and Duke Energy.”


He thanked Bob Irvin and Ryan Rutledge, for their tireless work in creating the connections with Duke Energy and helping to drive forward engagement where and when it makes sense and touched on the various events and meetings within the Accelerator and the progress that was made.


Chris closed out with an open invitation for Duke Energy to come to the 3DFS facilities in Pittsboro, North Carolina for a live demonstration of Software-Defined Electricity and a discussion on how SDE will improve the safety, security and stability of Duke Energy’s assets while reducing the infrastructure costs.


Thank you Duke Energy, Joules Accelerator and the City of Charlotte.

  • Jake
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    Great presentation Chris, I look forward to one day see some real innovation at Duke ; )

    • Christopher Doerfler
      Posted at ,

      Thank you Jake! I appreciate the comment. We are lucky to have such a well known and respected utility so close and are planning for a substantial relationship with Duke Energy as we grow into our own.

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