DistribuTECH 2018

Join 3DFS at DistribuTECH

January 23 – 25 in San Antonio, Texas

Measuring and metering electricity has been done the same way since the late 1800s and 3DFS has changed that for good. The future of electricity is digital measurement and control. Come learn about the most disruptive innovation in the grid since it started, Software-Defined Electricity.



A 3DFS Power Controller blends real time computing, power electronics, internet technology and artificial intelligence into a unique hardware device that delivers unprecedented control of electricity. Similar to a computer, it requires both hardware and software to operate the immensely powerful real time computing system. There is an innovative energy storage mechanism of action that directly interacts with the electricity as it flows. It makes corrections at the microsecond level in order to manipulate the electricity with precision thousands of times at the subcycle level on each phase.



This action is best described as noise cancellation for electricity and results in dynamically ideal power quality for the entire electrical network at all times no matter the load profile. Digital control of the electricity in an electrical network ensures levels of stability, efficiency and protection that are considered luxuries today but will come standard tomorrow.



Software-Defined Electricity sits at the foundation of the Digital Transformation allowing us to harness more of the power that we already create. It will usher in a new generation of efficiency where we leverage computing and data to maximize our energy efficiency, control our resiliency and truly begin the shift toward global energy sustainability.



Come to Booth #627 and speak with Chris Doerfler or Anatoli Oleynik to learn more. We look forward to tantalizing you with what the future of electricity holds.

Come prepared to talk about how the digital correction of electricity will transform what is possible with:
  • Energy efficiency
  • Non-intrusive load monitoring
  • Voltage stabilization
  • Conversion between AC and DC
  • Battery management systems
  • Electrical signature analysis
  • Big data and analytics
  • Control Systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Physical Security
  • Product development
  • Manufacturing and Production output
  • Substation protection
  • Transactive energy
  • Grid interconnection
  • Renewable energy
  • Non-renewable energy
  • Plug and play microgrid
  • Commercial real estate
  • Blockchain
  • Selling electricity to the grid
  • Radar and radio reception
  • Motor and compressor operation
  • Grid level storage
  • Demand response
  • CO2 emissions
  • Internet of things
  • Asset monitoring
  • Predictive analytics
  • Surge protection
  • Microgrid islanding
  • UPS devices
Brief History of Electricity Measurement: From Analog to Digital

An analog industry was born


Electrical meters go mainstream leveraging the RMS methodology to measure the amount of electricity sold to our homes and businesses


Business was good


The electrical grid expanded throughout the United States. Its main purpose to was to power relatively static motors and incandescent lights

1890 - 1950s

Electricity use changed


With the invention and widespread use of computers and sensitive electronics, the load profile began to shift


Electricity generation changed


The improvement in renewable energy technologies spawned new markets that produce electricity in new ways, shifting the generation profile.


Old way not working, business continued


50 years of maintaining the status quo while electricity generation and consumption evolved resulted in a gigantic void in available data and corresponding solutions. The analog way of measuring electricity is no longer sufficient if the goal is optimum efficiency and stability of electricity supply systems.

1970s - 2016

A digital industry was born


3DFS brings to market a new product for and real time digital measurement and correction of electricity, or Software-Defined Electricity ensuring electricity can always be supplied with optimum efficiency.

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
900 East Market Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
United States