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3DFS is the developer and manufacturer of an extraordinary technology that controls and balances electricity in Real-Time as it flows (Software-Defined Electricity). By introducing this level of control, whether in generation, transmission, distribution, conversion, storage or consumption, it delivers exponentially improved results in the form of energy efficiency, stability, security, data and analytics.


Software-Defined Electricity is an evolutionary advancement in power control and transforms what is possible with our grid and power networks.
Date Launched 10-10-2010
HQ Location Pittsboro, NC
Team Size 12
Press Contact [email protected]

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The limitations of sensing and controls is a data and analytics problem. No matter how good a sensor is, it is the data and corresponding analytics that are the most important. 3DFS has focused on this challenge to develop a new method of intelligent sensing that guarantees accuracy and precision in sensing (error free) at all times, in any environment.


This is achieved through an advancement in computing. Task Oriented Optimal Computing is a software based computing methodology, making it hardware agnostic (works with any processor). This allows the processors to be optimized, achieving many orders of magnitude faster data processing that modern methods.


This give the insurmountable advantage of optimizing the data processing and power consumption to the task at hand.


This combination of unlimited computing power and error free sensing has allowed 3DFS to discover and harness the ability to directly measure electricity which is a first in the history of electrification. By directly measuring electricity, the entire Real-Time world of electricity becomes available opening up transformative new functionality and capabilities in electronics, computing, and electrification.


Key Features
  • Drastically less CO2 emissions in power networks and grids
  • Grid and power network stability and safety
  • Complete, grid and power network physical and cyber security
  • Instantly converts grid and power networks into information and control systems


Press Mentions
An “operating system” for power could double the efficiency of the grid.


Publication: Vox
Article Title: This technology could fundamentally change our relationship to electricity
Published on: Jun 20, 2018,
Writer: David Roberts


Notable quotes from the article:

… getting twice the energy services out of the same amount of generation. That would radically hasten both electrification and decarbonization, proving a weapon against climate change at least as potent as renewable energy itself.

Arthur C. Clarke’s famous dictum that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” But I’m convinced that this thing is not magic. It is real, and it’s a big deal.

Article Link: Vox.com

Pittsboro company says its technology can stop energy waste and save military lives


Publication: The News and Observer
Article Title: Pittsboro company says its technology can stop energy waste and save military lives
Published on: Jan 08, 2018,


Notable quotes from the article:

The results gave him goosebumps, he said. “It was almost unbelievable,” Heuberger said. “We could save up to 20 percent, 30 percent of power.”

Article Link: newsobserver.com

How to Convert the World to Digital Electricity


Publication: Popular Mechanics
Article Title: The 2017 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards
Published on: November 2017 Issue, Page 64
Writer: Ezra Dyer


Notable quotes from the article:

an innovation that changed the world this year; Hyperefficient Digitized Electricity.

Article Links: popularmechanics.com


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