Electrical Correction & Balance
Live response electrical correction and balance technology minimizes electrical losses and maximizes efficiency and stability of electrical networks and grids

Existing Electrical Correction

In order to properly correct electrical distortions in the environment, accurate measurements of the real time electrical energy flow must be taken, but as mentioned, that is not possible with the low instrumentation measuring methods (RMS).
Therefore, low instrumentation switching “correction” methods are used which requires them to be installed in series to the electrical environment. This increases the risk associated with power electronics because the electricity must pass through a device to be altered.

These are not small problems

In other words, we lack the visibility to instantaneously measure electrical disturbances and we still attempt to correct them by using low instrumentation technologies that merely transfer the electrical energy to heat losses, only altering electrical distortions in the process.

Why this matters?

The amount of energy that is wasted in our electrical networks and grids due to electrical distortions and imbalance is enormous; the costs, staggering.


Recoverable losses exist throughout our grid everywhere that electricity is currently used and we cannot even measure them, much less correct them which further destabilizes our electrical infrastructure.


Existing attempts to correct poor power quality problems using in line, low instrumentation solutions further distort the waveforms (electrical energy flow), create additional losses and result in more instability.



3DFS Electrical Correction and Balance

3DFS has taken an innovative approach to electrical correction and balance with a high computing, low power system installed in parallel to the electrical network. It leverages proprietary ultra fast computing to calculate the precise microsecond to either inject or extract the least amount of current possible to restore and maintain the waveform close to ideal. This occurs on each current and voltage waveform on all phases minimizing losses, maximizing efficiency and creating bidirectional stability for the entire system.

It is the first technology of its kind that provides live response electrical correction and balance in the entire electrical network.

Coordinated Innovation

The innovation that makes this possible is the ability to accurately calculate and precisely inject or extract tiny amounts of current in live response to the electrical network conditions to maintain ideal electrical energy flow and balance within the entire network.
Subcycle Correction
The software simultaneously calculates the overall electrical balance of the entire network and adjusts accordingly by drawing current equally on each phase for microsecond level phase balancing that reduces neutral and ground currents and improves the upstream electrical infrastructure.
Automatic Phase Load Balancing
Further calculations ensure networkwide automatic impedance matching at the microsecond level for optimum electrical efficiency and minimized electrical losses from sags, swells and surges. This will also provide a seamless transition between multiple power sources without generating disruptive transients.
Real Time Protection
The technology can also ultra-efficiently perform conversion and inversion of electricity back and forth between AC and DC with virtually no heat losses, increasing the production of renewable energy technologies.
Bi-Directional Conversion
How this changes the industry

This technology ensures reliable stability, ideal efficiency and the minimal amount of losses in electrical networks. The result is the lowest possible carbon footprint during the production, distribution and consumption of electricity.

Precision control of electricity improves everything about electrical environment and will eventually come to be a necessary component in most products, networks, grids and microgrids.

Electrical generation, distribution and consumption is less expensive, ideally efficient and dynamically stable in every situation.

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