Innovation within our technology
3DFS technology is an innovative blend of power electronics, material science, advanced computing and artificial intelligence. For a full description click here.


Opening up visibility into energy consumption, production and quality; identify ways to reduce carbon footprint.
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Reliable stability, ideal efficiency and the minimal amount of losses in electrical networks.
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Energy Storage 

Software-Defined Batteries create a stable, safe and cost effective way to store energy and ensure that the maximum amount of battery life.
Energy Storage

Subcycle Correction

Zero Electrical Waste in Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Storage and End Use

Software-Defined Power digitally synchronizes Current and Voltage waveforms at ultra high frequencies, maximizing efficiency and power density while eliminating waste in electricity


Ultra Efficient Bi-directional Conversion of Electricity

Zero Waste AC/DC or DC/AC Conversion

Software-Defined Power converts electricity AC/DC or DC/AC in real time with ultra high efficiency and ~1% losses.


Automatic Load Balancing

Real Time, Dynamic Load Balancing Across All Phases

Software-Defined Power continuously balances power demand evenly across all phases eliminating neutral currents, protecting infrastructure, and eliminating penalties


Transient Surge Elimination

Real Time, Dynamic, Whole Facility Surge Protection

Software-Defined Power immediately processes any external transient including lightning, preventing external electrical events from ever disrupting internal operations


Real Time Non-intrusive Load Monitoring

Individual Load Monitoring and Historical Power Consumption Profiles

Software-Defined Power identifies, tracks, and displays real time power consumption for any load in an electrical network and stores the data over time into historical power consumption profiles for each load with full data functionality


Individual Load Predictive Analytics

Predictive Maintenance and Failure Analytics for Every Load on the Electrical Network

Software-Defined Power uses machine learning predictive analytics algorithms to analyze the electrical profile for each load. Power consumption patterns related to maintenance and failure are logged and the user is immediately notified if a pattern is detected.


Non-invasive Individual Battery Management

Zero Waste in Battery Storage and Energy Conversion, Full Data & Analytics for Each Battery

Software-Defined Power converts electricity with near ideal efficiency, and intelligently works with each battery in an energy storage system for maximum life and zero waste in each battery.


Varying Power Source Microgrid Synchronization

Zero Waste in Power Source Agnostic Microgrids

Software-Defined Power seamlessly synchronizes varying sources of power generation with zero electrical waste in the microgrid and provides full data and analytics functionality