3DFS Core Features

There are 16 contaminants in electrical networks, the most troublesome of which are power factor, total harmonic distortion, and phase imbalance. 3DFS provides the only holistic solution with the ability to eliminate all of these issues simultaneously and provide in-depth electrical analysis of a facility’s electrical network 24/7. By implementing 3DFS Power Controllers, a facility will see reduced electric bills, an elimination of power quality penalties, improved performance and lifespan of equipment, electrical network protection, and will have access to all of the electrical data necessary to make timely decisions.


Power Factor Correction

The 3DFS Power Controller is not a compensative device. As power factor fluctuates, we dynamically correct PF microseconds at a time to .98 or better.

Power Factor (PF) is an indication of how efficiently electricity is being used in an electrical network. Specifically, it is the ratio between real power, power that performs work, and apparent power, total power that is consumed. A higher PF, near 1.0, reflects electricity that is utilized more efficiently, and a low PF indicates poorly utilized electricity.

Another element of electricity that plays a role in PF is reactive power, which does not perform work but exists to create magnetic fields necessary to operate inductive loads. As a facility generates more reactive power, the amount of apparent power also rises, which means more electricity must be used to produce the same amount of work.

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There are several devices available that try to address the effects of PF. Known as “compensation solutions,” these products do not correct the problem. Given the dynamic nature of electricity, these devices cannot react fast enough, often over or under “correcting.”


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3DFS Technology automatically corrects PF to .98 or better, reducing reactive and apparent power and eliminating poor power factor. This allows a facility to spend less money on electricity while continuing the same operations. Additionally, utility companies charge penalties for poor PF, usually PF less than .95. 3DFS technology eliminates PF penalties. Correcting PF to .98 or better, 24/7, will improve your electrical efficiency and lower your electric bill.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) & Transient Elimination

With the recent increase in variable frequency motors on electrical networks, total harmonic distortion has become an ever increasing menace. 3DFS reduces THD & transients to ≈ 1%, avoiding voltage peaks and unnecessary stress on motors.

Harmonics are one of the most significant contaminants in today’s electrical networks. They are caused by the use of non-linear loads (e.g. computers, refrigerators, variable frequency motors, etc.), which with the recent increase in technology have become much more prevalent. The harmonics themselves are continuous distortions in the fundamental sinusoidal waveform and exist in multiple frequencies. The sum of all of these distortions is referred to as total harmonic distortion (THD).

wire thd
THD causes excessive heat and vibration, which is especially detrimental to sensitive electronics, shortening equipment life and increasing maintenance cost. Other disturbances caused by THD prevent equipment in your electrical network from functioning at face plate value.
cross section thd

3DSF eliminates THD down to ≈ 1%. Not only does this eliminate any potential THD penalties that a utility company charges, but equipment is able to operate as it was designed, avoiding potential harm and costly repair or replacement.

Complete Phase Balancing

Unbalanced phases generate excess heat and vibration in equipment, damaging motors and ultimately leading to equipment failure. The 3DFS Power Controller brings all phases to ≈ 1% imbalance, reducing the risk of irreplaceable damage.

In order for polyphase electrical systems to function optimally, it is crucial that phases are balanced. Unbalanced phases create excessive heat in motors, not only causing them to underperform but also causing irreparable damage. Generally speaking, 1% phase imbalance can cause approximately 1° C increase in operating temperature. Once a 10° C increase in temperature is sustained over a period of time, a the life of a motor may decrease up to 50%. This inefficiency not only wastes energy but becomes costly as machines need replacement.

3DFS Power Controllers are able to bring phase imbalance down to ≈ 1%, correcting current and in turn, correcting voltage. Many facilities struggle with keeping their phases in balance and are penalized by utility companies. With 3DFS, those penalties disappear and equipment runs at face plate efficiency. As equipment runs better and lasts longer, downtime for maintenance or replace is reduced, allowing companies to fully utilize their operating hours.

Equipment Performance and Lifespan

“Dirty power” in electrical environments deprive equipment from the necessary energy quality they need to perform optimally. The 3DFS Power Controller rebuilds waveforms, allowing equipment to run at face plate efficiency.

While it might be easier to think of potential savings in terms of reduced power bills and power quality penalties, imagine all of the equipment that a company uses. This could be anything as simple as a light bulb or an air conditioning unit to complex manufacturing equipment. Their ability to function properly relies heavily on the quality of the power they are provided from the electrical network to which they are connected. The contaminants present in electricity that feeds into machinery creates unnecessary heat and vibrations. With continuous operation under such circumstances, the various components of the equipment start to wear out quicker than if the contaminants were not present.

When machinery needs repair or replacement, normal operations are disrupted and can increased downtime becomes expensive as overhead continues to be paid.

As 3DFS eliminates electrical contaminants, electrical devices run smoother, cooler, and quieter. Less heat and vibration present in equipment allows the equipment to perform as it was designed, operating at face plate efficiency. In many cases, the lifespan of new equipment can double, significantly reducing capital expenditure costs and the cost of repair. With reduced repair, downtime is significantly reduced and operations continue as scheduled.

Power Analysis and Analytics

Do you know how your energy is being used? 3DFS Power Controllers provide you with the data you need to make timely decisions. With 3DFS you also receive maintenance and predictive failure notifications up to 2 weeks prior to an incident, allowing you time to prepare.

The ability of 3DFS Technology lies behind its software and computing ability. 3DFS Technology is able to make millions of calculations a second and act according. This involves gathering multitudes of data from every aspect of a network’s electricity continuously. While this data is used by 3DFS Power Controllers for eliminating electrical contaminants, the data itself gives valuable information about how a facility is running down to a single watt.

How electricity is behaving in a facility reflects the operations that are taking place. Having this data allows you to know exactly where, when, and how electricity in your facility is being used, giving you the ability to make timely decisions about how your business or company is run. Another 3DFS feature sends you notifications about upcoming maintenance that is required and up to 2 weeks notice of potential equipment failure, giving you time to take necessary precautions to avoid suddenly halting operations.

3DFS Mobile Applications

Do you know how your energy is being used? 3DFS Power Controllers provide you with the data you need to make timely decisions. With 3DFS you also receive maintenance and predictive failure notifications up to 2 weeks prior to an incident, allowing you time to prepare.