Perfect Power

Innovative hardware system installed into electrical environments that uses software and artificial intelligence to define inefficiencies out of power in real time

Ultra Green

Software-Defined Power optimizes the electrical energy flow and eliminates electrical waste guaranteeing the lowest possible carbon footprint from power usage

Optimum Storage

Precision control of power during charging/discharging eliminates heat in the batteries and prevents degradation of capacity in any combination of battery chemistries

Ideal Conversion

Real time digital conversion/inversion of power from DC/AC or AC/DC at near ideal efficiency immediately increases the production output of any Renewable energy generation

Software-Defined Power

Digital optimization of electrical energy flow

3DFS Software-Defined Power is a transformative energy technology that leverages advancements in material science, fast computing and artificial intelligence to correct and balance electrical environments in real time.

This new technological capability is versatile and can be easily modified to deliver precision control and management of electricity and maintain the electrical environment at the highest quality, stability, and efficiency.

Precision Control of Electricity

Software-Defined Power flawlessly interfaces with electricity at nanosecond speeds performing subcycle measurements and corrections.


By reliably correcting inefficiencies (i.e. harmonics, power factor, phase imbalance) in electricity at subcycle speeds, the 3DFS system uses software to define the shape of the waveforms in immediate response to the live environment. The result is perfect electrical energy flow.


Software-Defined power ensures the highest quality electrical environment and the most efficient power consumption. This control can be applied to nearly any electrical environment including the conversion of electricity and battery charging/discharging creating unprecedented advancements in Renewables and energy storage.


Scalable and Adaptable Hardware

3DFS is a vertically integrated product development company that specializes in adapting Software-Defined Power to products that manage and protect electrical environments. We offer turnkey production from design through mass manufacturing to help clients leverage the competitive advantages for higher profitability, more reliability, and a greener energy profile.


All 3DFS products are manufactured in the United States of America.

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