The new standard of power quality is continuous clean power. Power factor, harmonics, unbalanced phases, sags, swells, transients, etc. are all symptoms of not having continuous synchronous electricity. Remove these burdensome side effects from your facility once and for all by installing the VectorQ2 Power Controller System.

The VectorQ2 is an advanced artificial intelligence computer system installed at the service panel of a commercial, light industrial, or heavy residential electrical network. Once turned on, it secures and stabilizes the electrical network preventing any outside transient surges from entering, while continuously synchronizing the electricity throughout the entire network and providing real time device level data for every item connected to the network through the wires. That data is provided to you securely online and includes our comprehensive predictive analytics package that documents and alerts you of impending critical device failure up to 3 weeks prior. The VectorQ2 system can restore even the lowest power quality to near perfect.

There is nothing more energy efficient than using synchronized electricity. No matter the quality of the incoming electricity, the VectorQ2 system will correct it. Continuously clean power for the entire secure and stable electrical network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Application Areas
  • Data Centers
  • Alternative Energy Production
  • Manufacturing and Packaging
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Water & Wastewater

Power Quality

High Quality Power

Restores facility power quality to pure, eliminating harmonics, low power factor, voltage fluctuations, phase balancing, and more. The VectorQ2 system restores even the lowest quality power to near perfect.

Network Protection

Real time continuous protection from surges like lightning by preventing it from entering the electrical network to do damage. Facility Managers no longer have to worry about oncoming thunderstorms with Total Surge Elimination.

Electrical Efficiency

Machinery, appliances, and wiring will all run at peak performance. Heat and vibrations are dramatically reduced and less power is used to do the same amount of work, which means lower costs.


Energy Management

Knowing where every Watt of pure quality power is going within a protected electrical network makes energy management so much easier. Energy management can now become about conserving electricity rather than curbing losses and minimizing penalties.


The VectorQ2 detects and identifies a device when it is plugged in and immediately begins recording it’s electrical consumption data. Energy managers now have the comprehensive network level data that they need to make those critical business decisions.

Predictive Failure

Complex algorithms analyze the data constantly looking for any abnormalities in an otherwise perfectly clean electrical network. Mechanical failures and even maintenance needs can be detected weeks before they become problematic or even catastrophic.

All in One Solution

No more piece meal solutions composed of an electrical network filled with capacitors, filters and power factor correction devices. The VectorQ2 system reconditions poor quality power with Nanocorrection providing continuous clean power to the entire network saving time, money and headaches.

Benefits of High Quality Power

maintananceMachinery operating with continuous clean power runs at lower temperatures, has fewer vibrations and has significantly less noise, resulting in less wear and tear and maintenance over the life of the equipment.
penaltesPower quality penalties and fines are becoming more common. Supplying continuous clean power and preventing reactive power from being returned to the grid eliminates nearly all power quality related penalties.
reliableContinuous clean power creates a stable electrical network. Stability reduces and in some cases eliminates shutdowns due to electrical problems. A stable electrical network is a reliable electrical network.
productivSupplying a facility with continuous clean power reduces maintenance costs, eliminates power quality penalties, and reduces or eliminates electrical network shutdowns. These benefits contribute to increased facility productivity.