Electrical Network Power Quality

3DFS power controllers provide continuous, perfect power quality to your electrical network and all connected devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


  • Significantly increases up-time

  • Improves the lifespan of all connected equipment

  • Delivers savings on energy & maintenance expenditures

Power quality is the single biggest factor in costs associated with maintenance and replacement of connected devices and is the biggest contributor of down time. The quality of your power determines how much you spend on electricity, how efficiently all of your connected devices run, how much energy is generated from your renewable energy sources, even how much storage capacity you have in your batteries.

Predictive Analytics and Granular Data

3DFS provides predictive analytics for all devices plugged into your electrical network, alerting you of critical failure weeks in advance





3DFS identifies TRUE baseline electrical usage for the entire facility and automatically identify opportunities for improvement. With our predictive analytics, you will receive alerts of impending device critical failure alerts weeks before they occur giving you time to schedule the replacement, minimize down time and improve the production of your facility.

All-in-one Energy Efficiency Technology

There is nothing more energy efficient than using 3DFS Power Controllers to deliver continuous pure quality power

  • Higher Power Density

  • Predictable Reliability

  • Electrical Network Optimization

  • Advanced Electrical Monitoring

  • Critical Layer of Security

  • Protective Digital Firewall

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Application Areas


Our robust electricity inventory control system is able to track and record individual electrical performance data for every device ever connected to your electrical network. In addition, our predictive analytics can optimize maintenance schedules and alert you of impending critical failures for any device connected to your electrical network.



Production automation equipment and sensitive electronics in industrial operations are no longer vulnerable to voltage fluctuation and typical waveform disturbances such as power factor, harmonics, and unbalanced phases. By stabilizing the electrical network with 3DFS, your electricity usage can be as precise as your production equipment with the granularity of data to match.


Data Centers

3DFS provides rock solid electrical network stability and state of the art energy security. This non-invasive full facility, electrical metering and correction device eliminates voltage fluctuation and harmonics and individually monitors and provides predictive analytics for every device that is connected to the data center electrical network. The advanced algorithms maximize power density for the entire facility and eliminate the possibility of external electricity disaggregation.

Data Centers


3DFS is a fully adaptable electrical converter able to convert DC to AC or AC to DC and near perfect efficiency, which maximizes the amount of power generated by alternative energy sources. The dynamic ability of 3DFS Power Controllers also stabilizes all fluctuations in output power related to noise and harmonics increasing the life of your renewable energy sources and maximizing your ROI



Demand side power quality problems such as improperly balanced phases, excessive reactive power, and even the increasing problem of harmonics cause headaches beyond the meter at the transformer level and beyond. With 3DFS installed, all phases are balanced and all reactive power and harmonics are corrected. From a utility's perspective, the facility is a 100% active load providing elasticity for the transformer and saving money on repair and replacement.


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