Point of Use

Monitor and log precisely how much electricity every device in your home or business is using individually and what it is costing you in real time


Solar, wind, and all renewables are now generating more power with ultra high conversion and distortion free generation of electricity

Energy Storage

Batteries no longer heat up or degrade over time and provide ideal power density for local or grid level storage and electric vehicles


Microgrids now seamlessly integrate any number of power sources or loads with full generator capacity and ideal electrical efficiency

Software-Defined Power

The first digital solution to correcting, converting, and distributing electricity.

The 3DFS Software-Defined Power Solution, is an advanced computer system installed into electrical environments that digitally optimizes all power use and provides real time data functionality.

A combination of power electronics, computer electronics, and machine learning software dynamically works with electricity in real time (nanoseconds) for the first digital solution that maintains ideal power density and Current and Voltage synchronization.

Machine Learning Software

Electricity is literally lightning fast. In order to efficiently manage electricity at this speed, we created a unique computer language and system that flawlessly interacts with electricity. It digitizes the electrical environment with astonishing accuracy, optimizes the power, and adjusts as it assesses the power demand patterns for ideal performance specific to any electrical environment becoming more efficient and accurate over time.



You can control electricity and benefit from Software-Defined Power. We  have a manufacturing division dedicated to determining the best form factor must be created to provide you with ideal power, real time power usage data, and predictive analytics.

Our Products 3DFS Manufacturing
Analytics and Real Time Granular Data

Our software-defined solution is ideal for non-intrusive load monitoring. It identifies, tracks, and logs nearly every part of an electrical environment for unprecedented real time observation and analysis.

Real Time Granular Data

Acquires nearly 300 Million data points every second then processes and disaggregates them in real time

Non-intrusive Load Monitoring

Individually monitors all loads in electrical environments reporting power use data in a user interface

Individual Load Profiles

Builds a detailed electrical environment profile and provides real time and historical data functionality

Predictive Analytics

Uses predictive analytics algorithms to alert users of impending maintenance or failure before it is noticeable

3DFS Technology Applications

To learn more about what it takes to use Software-Defined Power in your products and facilities for ultimate efficiency, real time power use data, and predictive analytics with software control

Our Innovations

Software-defined power with 3DFS Technology redefines what is possible when working with electricity. There are 8 unique innovations dealing directly with electricity that are only available with our products

Implementing Our Products

Our VectorQ product line optimizes power with transparent, real time measurement and verification in electrical networks for homes and businesses. Schedule an analysis to determine your savings
Network Analysis


If you already have a product or market in mind and have the financial resources to begin product development, 3DFS Technology is adaptable to nearly any product with shelf ready deliverables in 6-9 months

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