High Quality Power

Restoring pure power quality in an electrical network eliminates problems associated with harmonics, low power factor, voltage fluctuations, and more.

Network Protection

The best protection from surges such as lightning and transient spikes is to prevent them from ever entering the electrical network to do damage.

Nanosecond Level Data

Electrical network management becomes a lot easier when every Watt of power in an electrical network can be tracked and counted.


Machinery, appliances, and wiring running at peak performance. Heat and vibrations dramatically reduced. Using less power to do the same amount of work.

All in One Solution

No more piece meal solutions composed of an electrical network filled with capacitors, filters and power factor correction devices. The VectorQ2 system reconditions poor quality power with Nanocorrection providing the highest quality power to the entire network saving time, money and headaches.

Benefits of High Quality Power

maintananceMachinery operating with high quality power runs at lower temperatures, has fewer vibrations and has significantly less noise, resulting in less wear and tear and maintenance over the life of the equipment.
penaltesPower quality penalties and fines are becoming more common. Supplying the highest quality power and preventing reactive power from being returned to the grid eliminates nearly all power quality related penalties.
reliableConstant and consistent high quality power creates a stable electrical network. Stability reduces and in some cases eliminates shutdowns due to electrical problems. A stable electrical network is a reliable electrical network.
productivSupplying a facility with high quality power reduces maintenance costs and reduces or eliminates problems associated with electrical network shutdowns. These benefits contribute to increased facility productivity.

E very electrical network is different but for all of them, constant and consistent power is critical. The VectorQ2 system installation is completed without any interruption of service to the electrical network. Once turned on, there is an immediate and quantifiable difference in the power quality that is supplied to the facility which will continue 24/7 until the VectorQ2 system is uninstalled.

Non Invasive Setup

VectorQ2 is installed near the breaker box with three dedicated circuit breakers. Installation of one device is done in most cases in less than an hour without interrupting the facility power.
Once installed, the VectorQ2 system immediately goes to work. Online access to the monitoring software allows for easy registration and activation for detailed analytics.
VectorQ2 is an all-in-one solution that never stops monitoring and supplying the highest quality power to the facility electrical network saving money, time and headaches.

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98% Power Quality Rating

Typical Facility Power Quality

Protecting an electrical network while restoring the power quality is the most energy efficient action that can be done




The 3DFS Power Controller is not a compensative device. As power factor fluctuates, we dynamically correct PF microseconds at a time to .98 or better.


TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION (THD) & Transient elimination


With the recent increase in variable frequency motors on electrical networks, total harmonic distortion has become an ever increasing menace. 3DFS reduces THD & transients to ≈ 1%, avoiding voltage peaks and unnecessary stress on motors.




Unbalanced phases generate excess heat and vibration in equipment, damaging motors and ultimately leading to equipment failure. The 3DFS Power Controller brings all phases to ≈ 1% imbalance, reducing the risk of irreparable damage.




Do you know how your energy is being used? 3DFS Power Controllers provide you with the data you need to make timely decisions. With 3DFS you also receive maintenance and predictive failure notifications up to 2 weeks prior to an incident, allowing you time to prepare.




“Dirty power” in electrical environments deprive equipment from the necessary energy quality they need to perform optimally. The 3DFS Power Controller rebuilds waveforms, allowing equipment to run at face plate efficiency.




Immediately upon installation, a 3DFS solution begins paying for itself by reducing electricity bills and eliminating power quality penalties. Considering reduced maintenance and equipment replacement costs, a 3DFS Power Controller unit provides a typical ROI in ≈ 2 years.

3DFS in Numbers

Electrical Contaminants Eliminated

Samples per Sine Wave

US '11 Electrical Usage (B kWh)

3DFS Could Have Saved (B kWh)



Time is ticking and so is your meter.

With increased demand and limited natural resources, energy is becoming an ever expensive commodity. Under these conditions it’s essential to optimally use all available energy as efficiently as possible. At 3DFS Power Solutions, we’ve identified that a majority of energy losses take place during the “last mile” of electrical transmission in the form of harmonic and non-harmonic distortions, transients surges, and poor power factor. The 3DFS Power Controller eliminates these issues, allowing your facility to have the cleanest electricity available.